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Biblical baby names

From baby Adam and Eve to baby Gabriel, biblical names have been a popular choice for centuries. Take a look through our list of traditional names for your baby girl or boy which hold biblical meanings. They never go out of style!

Take a look at some of our favourite biblical baby names 


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1) Abigail

Abagail, Abbiegayle, Abbigail, Abigale, Abigayle; abbrev. Abbey, Abbi, Abi, Abie Hebrew, meaning ‘my father’s joy’. Found in the Bible. Abbey Clancy is the model and TV presenter who won Strictly Come Dancing in 2013. Abi Morgan is a screenwriter of films including The Iron Lady.
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2) Adam

Adam is Hebrew with the meaning ‘man’ or ‘earth’. Found in the Bible, where the creation story names Adam as the first man on earth.
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3) Dinah

Dinah is a Hebrew name with the meaning of ‘justified’.
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4) Cain

Cain holds the meaning of ‘full of beauty’ and was brother of Abel in the biblical Book of Genesis.
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5) Eden

Hebrew, meaning ‘pleasure’. In the Bible, the Garden of Eden was humankind’s first home on Earth.
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6) Caleb

Caleb has the meaning of ‘dog’. Caleb was one of twelve spies sent by Moses into Caanan.
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7) Eve

 Evie Hebrew, meaning ‘life’. Found in the Bible.
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8) Isaac

The name Isaac means ‘laughter’. Isaac was the son of Abraham and Sarah in the Bible and the Qur’an. Famous Ikes include singer Ike Turner and former US president Dwight D. Eisenhower known as Ike.
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9) Gabrielle

Gabriel, Gabriela, Gabriella; abbrev. Gabby, Gabbi Hebrew, meaning ‘heroine of God’. Gabriella Wilde is a rising star British actress. Gabby Logan is a high-profile female TV sports presenter. A name that is not only beautiful but also has an amazing meaning for any baby girl: God's bravest woman. The best of both worlds, and the name of the amazing gymnast Gabrielle Douglas, your baby girl will join a host of fabulous Gabrielle's.
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10) Jacob

The name Jacob means ‘he who supplants’ and ancestor of the tribes of Israel in the Bible.
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11) Hannah

Haana, Hana, Hanna Hebrew, meaning ‘grace’. Famous Hannahs include Hannah Cockroft, the wheelchair athlete and world record holder, and Hannah Montana, of the musical comedy series. Another traditionally religious name, Hannah means grace of God. Never falling out of style, Hannah is an endlessly elegant name with a touching meaning.
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12) Jonah

The name Jonah means ‘dove’, a character in the Bible who was swallowed by a whale.
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13) Rachel

Rachael, Rachelle Hebrew, meaning ‘ewe’. Rachel is a figure in the Bible. A very traditional biblical name, Rachel is always a top baby name. In the bible, Rachel was a beautiful and cherished family woman. There is also an abundance of famous Rachel’s your baby girl can look up to. A very popular name during the 1960s and 1970s, especially. Famous Rachels include actresses Rachel Weisz and Rachel Bilson and the characters of Rachel Berry from Glee and Rachel Green from Friends. 
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14) Moses

Moses means ‘saviour’ following the Bible where Moses receives the Ten Commandments from God.
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15) Sarai

In the Old Testament, God changed Sarai's name to Sara, the more conventional option. However, we love how quirky this spelling variation is and its great meaning of princess. 
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16) Noah

The name Noah means ‘peaceful’. In the Bible, Noah is said to have built an ark to save two of every animal from a flood that covered the earth.

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