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Looking for a cool name for your hipster baby? What you need is the perfect blend of creativity, uniqueness and pizazz... with a sprinkle of a badass! 

Here are the coolest top baby names if you want your little one to stand out on the school register. They'll thank you later! 

Here are a few of M&B's favourite cool baby names for boys and girls: 

Cool girl names: 

  1. Aria - Meaning "air; song or melody" this cool little girls name will suit any strong-willed little one.
  2. Beatrix - While Beatrix might sound unique, it means "she who brings happiness", and sounds like a classic name.
  3. Blaire - Meaning "dweller on the plain" this Scottish name can be spelt 'Blaire' or 'Blair'. 
  4. Callie - Also spelt as 'Cally', 'Calli' or 'Kallee', the meaning of this name is 'beautiful'. If you're after a babygirl name that's not too cutesy like most little girls names, then this cool name would be perfect! 
  5. Frankie - While Frankie is often a popular boys name, we think it makes for a cool baby girl. 
  6. Drew Barrymore also named her daughter Frankie.
  7. Imogen - Meaning "Maiden", this pretty name has a Shakespearian background as it was first recorded as a name in his play 'Cymbeline'. 
  8. India - This exotic name is inspired by the country and would make for a cool, yet cute baby girls name.
  9. Isla - Meaning 'Island' this beautiful name gives you a calm, cool feeling, and makes for a gorgeous baby girl name.
  10. Lola - Meaning 'lady of sorrows' from it's Spanish origin, Lola is a very laid back name that would be ideal for a little girl. 
  11. Macy - Macy can be used as a shortened name or nickname for 'Marcella'. Meaning 'hill' this cute and cool name would be perfect for a little girl.
  12. Marcella - Although this is a gorgeous name, it has a strong Latin meaning, 'warlike' which would be a pretty cool name for a strong-willed little girl. 
  13. Oceane - Inspired by the ocean itself, this chic, popular French name has started to become a favourite in England. The name also relates the ancient Greek Oceanus, god of the sea, cool right? 
  14. Penelope - Penelope is quickly becoming a more popular girls name, and it comes from Greek mythology. 
  15. Rae - Imagine your little 'Rae' of sunshine. This name can be spelt 'Rae' or 'Ray' and is often the nickname of "Rachel."
  16. Vita - This gorgeous little girls name has Latin origins, meaning "life". The name is refreshing, sounds unique and would suit any baby girl.

Cool boy names: 

  1. Arlo - This name is becoming increasingly popular, meaning "army of troops" in Old English. We think it's a pretty cool name too!
  2. Blaze - Suitable for baby boys and girls, your little one will be the coolest on the playground with a name like this! Inspired by fire, this name is a symbol of ambition.
  3. Finn - Finn is a charming name with the Irish meaning "fair". It's simple, but still sounds pretty cool.
  4. Grayson - This popular boys name has long been a favourite alternative to 'Mason' and 'Jason'. Its English origins mean, 'the son of the baliff'.
  5. Grey - Although Grey sounds like a little quirky, it is definitely a cool alternative to more popular names. Often used as a middle name, it has since started to be used as a first name for boys and girls. It can also be the nickname of "Grayson."
  6. Jett - This name is simple yet super cool, meaning 'mineral'. Although the name is not currently a common first name, it is very popular amongst celebrities. 
  7. Lennon - Taking inspiriation from the popular (and cool) musician John Lennon, this name has an Irish origin meaning 'small cloak'. Liam Gallagher and Patsy Kensit used it for their son.
  8. Levi - How cool does Levi sound for a little boy? With a Hebrew origin, meaning 'attatched', it is also a lighter biblical name that has become more popular in recent years.
  9. Lincoln - Lincoln is a cool, different name for a little boy, and means 'town by the pool'.
  10. Mason - The male alternative of 'Macy'. this name means 'worker in stone' and is a very popular little boys name that we think hasa cool vibe to it. 
  11. Philo - Meaning 'loving', Philo is an unusual boys name that is a cool alternative to the name 'Milo'. 
  12. Pierce - This charming name is popular for a little boys, with Actor Pierce Brosnon giving it a cool charm.
  13. Ralphie - Putting a cool spin on the name Ralph, Ralphie means 'wolf-counsel' and is an awesome name for a baby boy. 
  14. Roman - Roman is quite a popular name, with Latin origin and meaning "a citizen of Rome".
  15. Ryder - This cool name means "messenger" and can be given to either a little boy or girl.

If you're looking for an unusual baby name that's a little more hipster, than check out our guide here.

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