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Cool baby boy names


If you're expecting a baby boy, you'll probably be looking for a cool boy name to make them stand out on the register when they're older. There are so many cool and unique baby boy names to choose from - it can be hard to narrow it down to just one! Take a look at our pick of the best hipster and cool baby boy names to help give you some inspiration. 

Top cool and unique boy names 

We've put together 30 of the best cool boy names with meanings for your baby. 

  1. Arlo - Spanish, meaning ‘barberry tree’.
  2. Abel - Hebrew, meaning ‘breath’ or ‘breathing spirit’.
  3. Axel - German and Scandinavian, a Germanised form of the Hebrew Absalom, meaning ‘father is peace’.
  4. Cleo - Greek, meaning ‘glory’. 
  5. Dion - Greek, short form of Dionysius, the Greek god of wine.
  6. Emanuele - The Italian variation of Emmanuel, Emanuele has great biblical meaning as the name given to the promised Messiah.
  7. Elton - Old English, meaning ‘Ella’s town’. 
  8. Enzo - Italian, short for Lorenzo, meaning ‘laurel’. 
  9. Grey - Although Grey sounds like a little quirky, it is definitely a cool alternative to more popular names.
  10. Jett - This name is simple yet super cool, meaning 'mineral'.
  11. Javier - Spanish, meaning ‘bright’. 
  12. Lennon -  This name has an Irish origin meaning 'small cloak'. 
  13. Lincoln - Lincoln is a cool name for a little boy meaning 'town by the pool'.
  14. Marcello - Meaning young warrior.
  15. Moses - Hebrew, meaning ‘saviour’.
  16. Neo - Latin, meaning ‘new’. 
  17. Nolan - Gaelic, meaning ‘champion’.
  18. Otis - German, meaning ‘wealth’.
  19. Quinn - Gaelic, meaning ‘counsel’.
  20. Rocco - Super cute and associated with a bunch of legendary boxers, this name is a win-win.
  21. Roman - Latin, meaning ‘from Rome’.
  22. Rex - Latin, meaning ‘king’.
  23. Rémy - French, meaning ‘from Rheims’.
  24. Stefan - It's a great variation on the traditional Steven or Stephen. 
  25. Storm - English, from the word ‘storm’.
  26. Winter - Old English, meaning ‘to be born in the winter’.
  27. Xylander - Greek, meaning ‘man of the forest’.
  28. Xeven - Slavic, meaning ‘lively’.
  29. Yves - French, meaning ‘miniature archer’ or ‘small archer’. 
  30. Zaide - Yiddish, meaning ‘the elder ones’. 

Looking for more inspiration? Take a look at the top 1,000 boy names of 2020 here for more ideas of popular baby boy names. Alternatively, there are a list of more cool and unusual baby boy names below. 

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