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French baby names

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It's time to get looking at some potential names for your baby! Whether you're expecting a baby girl, boy or want to name your baby with a unisex name, there are loads of lovely French names to consider for your new arrival.  

With its stunning riviera coast and romantic capital city of Paris, there are plenty of reasons to find some inspiration from France. The French language is also full of beautiful sounds and ideas too, so you're bound to find a suitable French baby name that sounds perfect for your baby. 

French girl names 

French baby girl names

  • Amelie - A traditional French version of Amelia meaning ‘hard-working’, made popular thanks to the 2001 film. 
  • Clemence - Pronounced (‘clay-mahnz’), this adorable name means ‘mild and merciful’. 
  • Brigitte - Associated with the famous Brigitte Bardot, this beautiful girls name means ‘strength’ or ‘exalted one’.
  • Chloé - Similar to the English version in spelling, this beautiful French form name means ‘blooming’ and is historically linked to the Greek goddess of agriculture. 
  • Clara - Meaning ‘bright’ and ‘clear’ this French name is growing in popularity.
  • Elodie - Meaning ‘foreign riches’, Elodie is a major character in Emile Zola’s novel The Earth.
  • Ines - Meaning ‘pure’, this will appeal to those seeking an unusual, yet classic name for their new baby girl.
  • Juliette - Meaning ‘youthful’, this name is slowly but surely becoming more popular than its English counterpart.
  • Madeleine - This sweet French name has a beautiful ring to it.
  • Emmeline - Forget that it means ‘work’, this archaic, exotic French name will definitely stand out on the class register.

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French boy names

French baby boy names

  • Alexandre - Meaning 'defending men' and is the masculine form of Alexandra. 
  • Dion - This comes from the name of the Greek god of wine but is a very popular name in France. 
  • Emile - Meaning 'eager' and comes from Latin. It can also be lengthened to make Emiliano and is uniquely French. 
  • Claude - Derived from the latin meaning of 'lame' and can be lengthened to Cladio. 
  • Lucien - Meaning 'light', a nickname form of this name is Luke or Lucas and is a popular name amongst boys in France. 
  • Marcel - This name means 'little warrior' so could make a fitting name for your little boy. 
  • Gabriel - Meaning ‘hero of God’, this name is gender neutral and is a popular French name for boys. 
  • Theirry - Meaning 'powerful', this name was made popular by footballer Theirry Henry
  • Virgile - This is a softer version of the boys name Virgil with the soft sounding 'e' on the end. 
  • Valentin - Meaning strength, this romantic name is perfect if you have your baby boy around Valentine's day. 

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