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It's time to get looking at some potential names for your baby! Whether you're expecting a baby girl, boy or want to name your baby with a unisex name, there are loads of lovely French names to consider for your new arrival.  

Take a look through our Baby Name Generator - a list of the pretty, unique and traditional names for your newborn baby with a French origin. 

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Looking for some French baby name inspiration? Spend some time reading through the baby name ideas we have collected and check out Mother&Baby's picks of the best French baby names in the gallery below: 

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1) Adeline

alt. Adalyn, Adalynn, Adelina, Adelyn Variant of Adelaide, meaning ‘noble’.
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2) Bellamy

The name Bellamy holds the meaning of a 'fine friend'.
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3) Chance

We are obsessed with this unique, cool name - the French variation of Chauncey. It has been endorsed by Larry King and Paul Hogan, and is on the rise with rapper Chance the Rapper (real name Chancelor).
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4) Brigitte

For a long time, this name has been associated with the famous Brigitte Bardot, yet this beautiful girls name means ‘strength’ or ‘exalted one’. The only downside to this name is that she’ll be forever reminding teachers it’s pronounced ‘bri-zheet’, not like the English variant ‘Bridget’.
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5) Alexandre

This strong, traditional name is attached to many French athletes and has a thoughtful meaning - defending men. The masculine form of Alexandra, it works even if you have a surprise in the delivery room!
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6) Chloé

alt. Cloe Greek, meaning ‘pale green shoot’. Sometimes spelled with an accent on the ‘e’. Famous Chloes include the fashion house Chloé, actresses Chloë Moretz and Chloë Sevigny and author Toni Morrison – whose birth name was Chloe Wofford.
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7) Curtis

alt. Curt Old French, meaning ‘courteous’. Commonly used in the Middle Ages as a name of a courteous person.
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8) Clemence

Calm and composed, with an utterly French pronunciation (‘clay-mahnz’), this adorable name means ‘mild and merciful’. What’s more, the beautiful French actress Clemence Poesy has put this name back on the popular list.
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9) Claude

alt. Claudie, Claudio, Claudius Latin, meaning ‘lame’. Has been in use since the Middle Ages.
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10) Elodie

French, meaning ‘marsh flower’. Élodie Bouchez-Bangalter is a French actress.
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11) Gabriel

abbrev. Gabe Hebrew, meaning ‘hero of God’. One of the archangels in the Bible.
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12) Marcel

This super masculine name means little warrior- adorable for your baby boy. Oscar-winning actor Marion Cotillard named her son Marcel in 2011 and in doing so revived the traditional name.
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13) Gabrielle

alt. Gabriel, Gabriela, Gabriella; abbrev. Gabby, Gabbi Hebrew, meaning ‘heroine of God’. Gabriella Wilde is a rising star British actress. Gabby Logan is a high-profile female TV sports presenter.
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14) Julien

This beautiful name is an ode to a rising star and is derived from Julius - the old-fashioned version. Meaning youthful, it is a popular choice for celebrities like Lisa Kudrow, Jerry Seinfeld and Robert De Niro, although they use the English spelling of Julian.
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15) Leonie

alt. Leona, Leone Latin, meaning ‘lioness’. Poet Leonie Adams wrote during the mid- twentieth century.
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16) Theirry

Meaning powerful, the name Theirry is as strong as it is romantic. Whether you see your son’s future in football or perfume design, there is a Theirry’s footsteps to follow!
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17) Margot

alt. Margo French, meaning ‘pearl’. Famous Margots include ballerina Margot Fonteyn, actress Margot Kidder and the sister of Anne Frank, Margot Frank.
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18) Travis

We can feel this name coming up for a revamp. With the success of musicians Travis McCoy and Travis Scott, the adorable French baby name is bound to be popular over the next few years.
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19) Lucienne

Possibly one of the most French sounding names on this list, pronounced ‘loo-SYEN’, this lovely name means ‘light’.
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20) Dion

Greek, short form of Dionysius, the Greek god of wine. Dionysius was the son of Zeus and Semele.

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