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German baby boy names

Are you in need for some inspiration? Trying to find a German name for your baby? We've got your back.

Take a look through our Baby Name Generator - a list of the pretty, unsual and traditional names popular in Germany or holds a German origin. Get looking as one of these could be perfect for your soon-to-be little one... 

Check out Mother&Baby's picks of the best German baby names in the gallery below: 

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1) Linus

Linus is a very popular name in Germany, meaning “flax”. In Greek legend Linus was the son of the god Apollo.  
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2) Anneliese

The name derives from the two words Anna, meaning “grace”, and Liesa, meaning “God is bountiful”.
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3) Lukas

Lukas is the German spelling for the name Lucas, which has a Latin origin. The name means “man from Lucania”.
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4) Emilia

Emilia, meaning “ambitious”, was one of the most popular names in Germany in 2017. The male form of this name is "Emil".
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5) Benno

Benno is a short form for the German name “Bernhard”, meaning “strong” and “brave”.
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6) Emma

The name Emma derives from the Germanic word “ermen”, meaning “whole, universal”
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7) Karl

The Old High German name Karl means “freeman” or “loving husband”. The English spelling for this name is Carl.
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8) Ailine

Ailine is the German form of Eileen, meaning “bright, shining one”.
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9) Fritz

Fritz is a short form for the German name Frederick, meaning “peaceful ruler”.
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10) Heike

This German name means “strong ruler”. A cognate name is Henrietta.
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11) Leopold

Leopold is a modern form of the Germanic name Luitbald, meaning “people” and “brave”.

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