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With so many wonderful stories in the lore and culture of Ireland, it's no wonder that Irish names are a popular choice for baby boy names. Whether you've discovered a long-lost Irish heritage you'd like to revive, or your family is Irish, or if you just like the lore behind Irish culture, there are some great names to choose from for your boy.

If you're looking for a meaningful name for your boy, you can't go far wrong with an Irish name – this category is full of individual names straight out of Irish legends and folktales. They have history behind them, but some also sound quite modern.  

Mother and Baby team picks: 

  • Cace - 'brave in battle' pronounced 'KaaS'
  • Colin - 'pup' pronounced 'Col-in'
  • Kealan - meaning 'slender lad' pronounced 'ke-al-an'
  • Quinn - meaning 'descendant of Conn, chief leader, intelligence' pronounced 'qu-inn'
  • Cillian - meaning 'war strife or church' pronounced 'ci-lli-an'
  • Cian - meaning 'ancient' pronounced 'ci-an'
  • Connell - meaning 'strong as a wolf' pronounced 'co-nne-ll'
  • Brendan - meaning 'prince' pronounced 'bren-dan'
  • Finn - meaning 'fair or white' pronounced 'fi-nn' 
  • Ronan - meaning 'little seal' pronounced 'row-nan'

Celebrities with Irish names

Some famous faces with Irish names you may know of include: actor Hugh Jackman (which means "mind" or "spirit"), actor Ryan Reynolds, whose name means "little king" or "illustrious" and comes from the Old Irish name Rian, and also actor Aiden Turner (which means "fiery" and/or "bringer of fire" and is derived from the name of a Celtic sun god).

There are so many adorable Irish baby boy names to choose from, so we've rounded up a list of some of our favourite Irish names and their meanings and pronunciations to narrow the choice down for you.

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