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Irish baby boy names

Looking for the perfect Irish boy name for your newborn? There are so many adorable Irish baby boy names to choose from, so we've rounded up a list of some of our favourite Irish names and their meaning's and pronunciations to narrow the choice down for you. 

Editor's picks: 

  • Cace - 'brave in battle' pronounced 'KaaS'
  • Colin - 'pup' pronounced 'Col-in'
  • Kealan - meaning 'slender lad' pronounced 'ke-al-an'
  • Quinn - meaning 'descendant of Conn, chief leader, intelligence' pronounced 'qu-inn'
  • Cillian - meaning 'war strife or church' pronounced 'ci-lli-an'
  • Cian - meaning 'ancient' pronounced 'ci-an'
  • Connell - meaning 'strong as a wolf' pronounced 'co-nne-ll'
  • Brendan - meaning 'prince' pronounced 'bren-dan'
  • Finn - meaning 'fair or white' pronounced 'fi-nn' 
  • Ronan - meaning 'little seal' pronounced 'row-nan'

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