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Irish baby girl names

Irish girl names

Irish girls' names are both beautiful and meaningful. Often based on historical events, Irish words and Irish legend, or desired attributes for your wee one, the culture and heritage of each name shines through.

Traditional Irish names and gaelic forms of names transport you to the cinematic landscapes and the beauty of green Ireland. So, if you're keen to revive a little bit of history and give your daughter a name that reflects your own family's heritage that will go well with an Irish surname, or you just love the accent, or the gorgeous meanings behind these names, read on for our pick of the best Irish baby girl names with meanings and pronunciation.

12 popular Irish girl names and their meanings

  1. Aislinn - alternative spellings Aislin, Aisling, Aislyn, Alene, Allene Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘dream’.
  2. Brea - Irish version of Bree, Bria Shortened form of Brianna, meaning ‘strong’, but used in its own right. Also the name of a god in ancient Irish mythology.
  3. Clodagh - meaning ‘river’, from the River Clodiagh in Ireland. 
  4. Elva - meaning ‘noble’. Also the name of a British sports car manufacturer.
  5. Keira - meaning ‘dark’. A rise in popularity of the name followed the success of actress Keira Knightley.
  6. Maeve - meaning ‘intoxicating’. Famous Maeves include Queen Maeve from Irish mythology, author Maeve Binchy and writer Maeve Brennan.
  7. Meryl - meaning ‘sea-bright’. Actress Meryl Streep has made a string of Popular film appearances including Kramer vs. Kramer, Sophie’s Choice and The Iron Lady.
  8. Nola - meaning ‘white shoulder’. Also a city and area in Italy. Fictional heroine of Spike Lee's breakout film 'She's Gotta Have It' which resurfaced as a Netflix TV series.
  9. Orla - meaning ‘golden lady’. Orla Kiely is an Irish fashion designer.
  10. Shayla - meaning ‘blind’. Shayla Worley is an American gymnast.
  11. Tara - meaning ‘rocky hill’. Famous Taras include socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson and actresses Tara Fitzgerald and Tara Reid.
  12. Una - Latin, meaning ‘one’. Famous Unas include enduring British actress Una Stubbs and Irish singer Una Healy of The Saturdays.

Mother and Baby team picks 

  • Ailise - meaning 'noble' pronounced 'ay-lees'
  • Bree - meaning  'strength' pronounced 'BRiy' is the Irish form of Brie. 
  • Callie - meaning 'from the forest' pronounced 'cal-lie'
  • Kera - meaning 'pure' pronounced 'ke-ra'
  • Lana - meaning 'little rock' pronounced 'Lar-na'
  • Neve - meaning 'bright' or 'radiant' pronounced 'Neev'
  • Riley - meaning 'Valiant, Courageous, Lively, Brave' pronounced 'RY-lee'
  • Aoife - meaning 'beauty' or 'radiance' pronounced 'EE-fa'
  • Saoirse - meaning 'freedom' pronounced 'Sur-sha' growing in popularity thanks to actress Saoirse Ronan.
  • Imogen - meaning 'maiden' pronounced 'Im-oh-gen'

Famous people with Irish names

Celebrities with Irish names include the likes of Saoirse Ronan (Lady Bird, Little Women, Hana) and Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter). Saorise means 'freedom' and became particularly popular in Ireland in the 1920s. Evanna comes from Eoghan, meaning "born of the yew tree".

Whether you're looking for an Irish baby girl name that would make a lovely middle name for your daughter, or you love the sound of one of these Irish names as a first name, we've rounded up some of our editor's favourites in our top picks with their meanings and pronunciations. 

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