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Italian baby names

Is it your time to be making your baby name list for your new arrival? Have a look at the pretty and traditional selection of Italian names!

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Spend some time to read through the baby name ideas we have collected and check out Mother&Baby's picks of the best Italian baby names in the gallery below: 


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1) Alba

Using a famous last name as a first name is a trend on the rise. Alba has increased in popularity not only because its adorable but also due to the fabulous actor Jessica Alba. Meaning dawn, this distinctive name is beautiful.
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2) Americus

The name Americus means Home Ruler and a perfect Italian name for your baby girl or boy.
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3) Bella

alt. Belle Latin, meaning ‘beautiful’. Usually associated with the character of Isabella Bella Swan from the Twilight series or Belle from Disney’s film Beauty and the Beast. A traditional Italian name, Bella literally translates as beautiful. Deriving from Isabella, Bella is the less over-used variation compared to Ella and Arabella. 
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4) Franco

This classic Italian name was once tainted by Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, but has been revived recently due to handsome actor James Franco. If you are connecting with your French heritage this name is perfect as it quite literally means Frenchman.
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5) Galileo

Italian, meaning ‘from Galilee’. Galileo Galilei was an important and influential physicist and astronomer during the Scientific Revolution.
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6) Grazia

The Italian variation of Grace, the meaning of this name is as literal as grace. It is a modern, more exotic way to pay homage to the late great Grace Kelly
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7) Marcello

Meaning young warrior, this Italian baby boy name comes from Marcellus- an ancient name drawn from Mars, the God of War. You will have a little fighter on your hands with this name!
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8) Sicily

Naming your baby after a city is controversial but also unique - and when the city is as beautiful as Sicily it is a risk worth taking.
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9) Valentino

We are obsessed with this romantic name that means strength and health. It has Shakespearean roots as well as being the name of St. Valentine, your baby boy is bound to be a heartbreaker with this name!
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10) Viola

Meaning violet, Viola was an old classic thanks to Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night where it was the name of the lead character. Brought back onto the baby name map by the amazing actor Viola Davis, it is rising in popularity. 

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