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Looking for a pretty baby name for your newborn? Browse through our collection of the best pretty baby names, whether you are having a cute baby boy or cute girl.

From Acacia to Zinnia, we have chosen our favourite pretty names. Choosing the right baby name is the biggest decision you’ll make as a new parent, and we know you can spend hours trawling through that baby name book - here, you can browse through thousands of baby names at your leisure on your phone!

Here our some of M&B's top picks for pretty names you will fall inlove with...


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1) Arianna

Meaning: Arianna is a greek name which means 'chaste, very holy.' 
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2) Belle 

Meaning: Short for Isabella, the name Belle means 'beautiful' in French.
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3) Amelia 

Meaning: The pretty moniker means 'Industrious' and 'Striving' and is often associated with 'defender'. 
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4) Daisy 

Meaning: Daisy is a pretty girl's name commonly thought to be derived from the name of the flower.
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5) Elodie

Meaning: Elodie means 'Foreign riches'
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6) Florence

Meaning: French for 'blossoming' 
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7) Grace

Meaning: The popular name Grace means 'God's favour' and has English origin. 
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8) Isla

Meaning: Isla is derived from "Islay", which is the name of an island off the west coast of Scotland
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9) Lottie 

Meaning: Lottie means means 'Tiny' and 'Feminine' in French. 
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10) Luna

Meaning: The pretty name has Latin origin and means 'Moon'. 
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11) Nora

Meaning: Nora means 'Honour' and 'Reputation'
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12) Poppy 

Meaning: The moniker derives from the popular flower
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13) Savannah 

Meaning: With English origin, Savannah means 'From the open plain'

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