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Unusual baby boy names

unusual baby boy names

If you're looking for an unusual baby name that will help your baby boy stand out from the crowd, then you should look no further than these awesome and truly unique baby names.  

Whether you're looking for a cool and unique boy name like Axel, a strong unusual name like Balthazar, or a cute option like Bubba, there are so many rare and unique name ideas for your baby boy, to consider. 

The unique baby boy names we love

How to create your own unique baby boy name

It's so much fun to get creative when it comes to choosing a unique and unusual name for your baby boy, so if there's a name you love, why not try adding your own unusual spin on it to create a truly unique name for your tot. For example, you could take a popular boys name like Jacob and really make it your own by changing letters to make it Jakob or even adding to it to create Jacobus. 

Unique and unusual celebrity baby boy names 

  • Mickey - Singer Sophie Ellis-Bexter and Richard Jones named their baby boy Mickey. 
  • Leone Lucia - Italian blogger Chiara Ferragni and her husband rapper Fedez chose this name for their son. 
  • Santiago Enrique - We love this unique name chosen by Eva Longoria and José Antonio “Pepe” Bastón
  • Hart - This is a very cute unusual name chosen by Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel for their son. 
  • Ennio - Erin McNaught and Example chose this for their baby boy. 
  • Lio - Footballer Steven Gerrard and Alex Curran named their baby boy this cute and unique name. 


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