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Some babies just ooze coolness and if your baby girl is too cool for school, she deserves a name that suits, right? Well lucky for you, we've put together 20 of the best cool and unique girl names with meanings for your baby, taking inspiration from the most popular names currently.

Popular cool and unique girl names

  • Acadia - Greek word meaning ‘paradise’.
  • Amethyst - Greek, from the word for the purple precious stone of the same name.
  • Brigitte -  Meaning ‘strength’ or ‘exalted one.'
  • Callie - Meaning ‘beauty.'
  • Caterina - Meaning 'pure.'
  • Donatella - Meaning 'gift' or 'gift of God.'
  • Elettra - Meaning 'shining bright.'
  • Grazia - Meaning 'grace.'
  • Hermione - Meaning 'earthly.'
  • Imogen - Meaning 'last-born’
  • India - Derived from the name of the country India.
  • Isla - Meaning 'dynamic.'
  • Lola - Spanish name meaning 'sorrows.'
  • Lourdes - From the French town of the same name.
  • Luna - Latin, meaning ‘moon.'
  • Mabel - Meaning ‘loveable.'
  • Marcella - Meaning 'warlike.'
  • Margot - French, meaning ‘pearl.’
  • Oceane - Inspired by the ocean
  • Rae - Shortened form of Rachel, meaning ‘ewe’

Looking for more inspiration? Take a look at 15 empowering baby names based on feminist icons for more ideas of popular baby girl names. Alternatively, there are a list of more cool and unusual baby girl names below.

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