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Looking for a French baby girl name? We don't blame you! France is a country that conjurs up images of rolling hills and beautiful sights in Tuscany, divine cuisine like crusty baguettes and sweet cakes. And don't forget the gorgeous language that we'd all love to be able to speak. And whether you’re embracing your heritage, or just looking for something a little unusual for your upcoming arrival, the French have some of the most beautiful names around for your baby girl.

Your little girl might be the only Amelie in the playground, but we’re sure you’ll love her romantic sounding, chic name forever. One French celebrity moniker is actress Margot Robbie, whose first name which has grown in popularity in recent years. If you're after some classic and popular french baby girl names, we've got everything you'll need right here.

French names for baby girls

  • Amelie - A traditional French name meaning ‘hard-working’, Amelie has been put back on the popular list thanks to the 2001 film.
  • Clemence - Calm and composed, with an utterly French pronunciation (‘clay-mahnz’), this adorable name means ‘mild and merciful’.
  • Brigitte - For a long time, this name has been associated with the famous Brigitte Bardot, yet this beautiful girls name means ‘strength’ or ‘exalted one’.
  • Chloé - Similar to the English version in spelling, but different in pronunciation (‘kloh-ay’), this beautiful name means ‘blooming’ and is historically linked to the Greek goddess of agriculture.
  • Clara - Meaning ‘bright’ and ‘clear’ this French name is growing in popularity.
  • Elodie - Meaning ‘foreign riches’, Elodie is a major character in Emile Zola’s novel The Earth.
  • Ines - Meaning ‘pure’, this will appeal to those seeking an unusual, yet classic name for their new baby girl.
  • Juliette - Meaning ‘youthful’, this name is slowly but surely becoming more popular than its English counterpart.
  • Madeleine - Despite its slightly forgettable meaning, ‘woman from Magdala or high tower’, this popular name has a beautiful ring to it.
  • Emmeline - Forget that it means ‘work’, this archaic, exotic French name will definitely stand out on the class register.
  • Gabrielle - Meaning ‘God is my strength’, this is actually designer Coco Chanel’s real name.
  • Isabelle - Meaning ‘pledged to God’, Isabelle is another more common French name.
  • Adeline - The French diminutive of the name Adele, this old fashioned name, meaning ‘nobility’, has a particular charm.
  • Esme - Meaning ‘esteemed and beloved’, Esme is also popular thanks to the character Esme Cullen in the blockbuster Twilight trilogy.
  • Eloise - Meaning ‘healthy’, this cute French name is probably one of the most popular on the list, thanks to its appearance in the TV show Lost.
  • Coco - The nickname of the legendary French designer Coco Chanel, Coco has since become a cute name in its own right.
  • Lucienne - Possibly one of the most French sounding names on this list, pronounced ‘loo-SYEN’, this lovely name means ‘light’.
  • Lilou  - Meaning ‘lily’ and pronounced ‘lee-loo’, we’re sure you’ll agree it has a fresh, modern feel to it.

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