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When picking a name for your baby, you'll probably be drawn to those you've heard before - perhaps old school friends you knew, names from films or book characters. So it's no wonder that certain names crop up more often than others. But what are the most popular girls names?

Obviously name trends change with the times, so the most popular baby names change from year to year - the most popular girls names for 2021 will be different from popular names in 2020 for example.

If you go back in history there's a real range of names that crop up, some that may have become more old-fashioned, but also plenty that we're still using today. The list below looks back over the last 500 years, for the top UK girls names that crop up time and time again.

25 most popular girls names in history

1. Mary

2. Elizabeth

3. Sarah

4. Margaret

5. Ann

6. Jane

7. Alice

8. Ellen

9. Annie

10. Florence

11. Emma

12. Edith

13. Emily

14. Eliza

15. Hannah

16. Susan

17. Martha

18. Dorothy

19. Catherine

20. Ethel

21. Ada

22. Anne

23. Frances

24. Elsie

25. Harriet

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