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19 baby names inspired by Prime Ministers

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19 baby names inspired by UK Prime Ministers

If you are a political fan and would like to choose a baby name inspired by a Prime Minister, here’s the only list you need.

  • Alexander (Douglas-Home) 
  • Andrew (Bonar Law) 
  • Anthony (Eden and Blair)
  • Arthur (Wellesley, Balfour, and Chamberlain)
  • Benjamin (Disraeli)
  • Clement (Attlee)
  • David (Lloyd George and Cameron)
  • Edward (Heath)
  • Gordon (Brown)
  • Harold (Macmillan and Wilson, although neither of their first names were actually Harold)
  • James (Callaghan - although his first name was actually Leonard)
  • John (Stuart, Russell, and Major)
  • Margaret (Thatcher) - the only baby girl’s name on the list! 
  • Neville (Chamberlain)
  • Ramsay (MacDonald - although his first name was James)
  • Spencer (Crompton and Perceval)
  • Stanley (Baldwin)
  • William (Cavendish, Pitt - elder and younger - Wyndham, Lamb, and Gladstone)
  • Winston (Churchill)

William was number 10 on the list of the top baby boys’ names for 2014, while James was number 9 on the list. To find out the top 50 baby boys’ names in 2014 according to the Office of National Statistics, click here


Picking your baby’s name is a huge task and can take up a lot of your waking thoughts while you’re pregnant. The best thing to do is lots of research - read a baby names book (or 7), search online for baby name ideas, and use our baby name generator for a bit of inspiration.

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