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20 baby names that mean 'hope' or 'miracle'

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All babies are little miracles, but sometimes the journey to falling pregnant, or the pregnancy itself, isn't always easy.

Struggles can make you appreciate your little bundle of joy, so why not choose a name that honors the hope and miracle of your journey? 

Sometimes it's easy to pick a name because it sounds cute or is popular, but choosing a name with a special meaning behind it will help you cherish your pregnancy journey and celebrate how special your little miracle is to you.

We've found 20 names that have a meaning of 'hope' or 'miracle' that would be perfect for your little blessing. 

Names with the meanings 'hope' and 'miracle'

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1) Aaron

This is quite a traditional name that means 'miraculous' and is of Hebrew origin. 
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2) Sian

This lovely name is pronounced 'Shahn' and although its meaning is 'God's gracious gift', we think it's a pretty miracle name. 
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3) Kit

Simple and of Greek origin, the meaning of Kit is 'hope and carrier of Christ".
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4) Beatrix

This traditional name is of Latin origin meaning 'miracle; blessed' and would be perfect for a baby girl! 
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5) Asher

The male version of the sweet girls name Asha, this name means 'hope'.
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6) Faith

The name Faith has a hopeful meaning and is of English origin. 
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7) Jonah

Jonah is of Hebrew origin meaning 'dove'. A dove is a symbol of hope, making this the perfect hope name. 
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8) Iris

Iris is a flower name of Greek origin and means 'rainbow', which is perfect for those miracle babies. The colour of the flower is violet, which is also a symbol of hope. 
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9) Theo

Theo is a shortened version of the name Theodore, which is of Greek origin. The name means 'divine gift' so although it doesn't mean miracle, the meaning of a divine gift would be a miracle. 
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10) Nadia

Nadia is of Russian and Slavic origin meaning 'hope'. 
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11) Jesse

The name doesn't directly mean hope or miracle, but Jesse is of Hebrew origin meaning 'gift'. 
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12) Hope

This virtue name quite literally means 'hope' and we love how gorgeous it is. 
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13) Benedict

This name would suit any baby boy and is of Latin origin. It also has a meaning of 'blessed; miracle'. 
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14) Violet

From Latin origin, the colour violet is a symbol of hope and makes for a beautiful girls name. 
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15) Felix

Felix has long been a favourite name. Of Latin origin, the name means 'fortunate' which we think is a fitting name for your little miracle.
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16) Miracle

Instead of choosing a 'miracle' meaning name, why not make it your baby girls actual name?
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17) Von

Von is a cool name that is of Norse origin. It sounds like a strong name but has a meaning of 'hope' which we just love!
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18) Asha

The female version of Asher, this lovely name is of Swahili origin meaning 'hope'. 
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19) Matthew

A popular name of Hewbrew origin, Matthew has a miracle meaning, 'gift of God'. 
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20) Vita

Vita is a gorgeous baby girls name of Latin origin meaning 'life'. Although it doesn't quite mean miracle or hope, new life is always miracle, making it the perfect name. 

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