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23 Christmas baby names for boys and girls

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Are you anticipating a festively-timed new addition to the family? Take inspiration from our Christmas baby name suggestions.

A Christmas-inspired baby name doesn’t have to be tacky or blatantly festive. There are lots of beautiful names that mark the season of your little one’s birth subtly. Once you've exhausted this list, try our Winter baby names with less of a Christmas edge.

23 Christmas baby names for boys and girls:

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1) Angel

If you like this angelic girls name but worry that it may spur some teasing, how about opting for one of its lengthier versions Angelica or Angelina?
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2) Balthazar

If you’re after a boys name that’s a bit more unusual, this could be perfect. Another of the three wise men’s names, Balthazar can be adorably shortened to ‘Baz’.
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3) Belle

'Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?' Give yourself a subtle reminder of this special season with this cute girls name, meaning 'beautiful'. 
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4) Buddy

If you’re a fan of the Christmas film Elf (and who isn’t?!), then Buddy could be a great choice for your festive arrival.
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5) Faith

Since Nicole Kidman named her daughter Faith, the name has risen in popularity and is a lovely, feminine name.
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6) Casper

One of the three wise men, Casper can be spelt ar or er, depending on which you prefer.
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7) Donna

An adorable, festive baby girls name. Donna is not only Santa's reindeer, but it's also a cute Italian name for your new arrival, meaning 'lady'.
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8) Comet

Another of Santa’s reindeers, Comet is a really cute baby boys moniker and we reckon this astronomical name could become popular.
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9) Joy

Another traditional name choice for girls. Joy is short, simple and oh-so-sweet for a baby.
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10) Joseph

Another traditional option, Joseph is a  good sturdy Hebrew baby name – and, obvs, Jesus’ old man’s name.
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11) Gloria

Taken from the word Glory (which makes an appearance in many a Christmas hymn), this girl’s name is the first name of I Will Survive signer Gloria Gaynor.
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12) Night

Take inspiration from the traditional 'Silent Night' and choose this mysterious name. It could work for both boys and girls.
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13) North

Inspired by Kim, Kanye and their little girl, this modern baby girls name is a festive choice after Santa's homeland the North pole.
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14) Noel

Noël, the french word for Christmas turns conveniently into the traditional boys name Noel or Noëlle for girls. Noel Coward, Gallagher and Edmonds – quite a few male celebs rock this festive boys name effortlessly.
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15) Mary

The part every child wanted to play in the Nativity! Old fashioned names have made a huge comeback this year, making Mary the perfect on-trend and Christmas-appropriate name for your baby.
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16) Shepherd

A name that is traditionally used as a surname, Shepherd has recently been making a comeback as a more unusual baby boys name. 
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17) Pepper

According to the time-old fairytale, Pepper is actually the name of one of Santa's elves. This is a lovely girls name which also reminds us of Marvel's Iron Man as it is the moniker for Tony Stark's partner and love interest Pepper Potts (played by Gwyneth Paltrow).
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18) Pine

This is a lovely festive, natured-inspired name for a boy.
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19) Wish

A baby name that could work for both girls and boys. This lovely little name will definitely stand out on the school register.
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20) Rudolph

Not just Santa’s head reindeer’s name, this Germanic boys name has become increasingly popular in recent years.
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21) Stella

Stella is the Italian word for star. The three wise men followed the star to baby Jesus so this baby girls name is perfectly festive and subtle. To give it a Scandinavian touch you could add an 'r' to Stellar to make it more unisex and out of the ordinary as it means a star like performance.
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22) Wenceslas

This name probably isn't for the faint-hearted. Good King Wenceslas features in the Christmas Carol that tells a story of a Bohemian king going on a journey and braving harsh winter weather to give charity to a poor peasant, on the Feast of Stephen (December 26, the Second Day of Christmas). 
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23) Stevie

Following on from Good King Wenceslas, Stevie would be a cute girls name relating to the Feast of Stephen on Boxing Day.

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