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10 Of The Best Names To Choose If You Want Your Baby To Be… A Professional Footballer

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10 Of The Best Names To Choose If You Want Your Baby To Be… A Professional Footballer

Do you fancy your little one growing up to be the next David Beckham? Why not give him a head start, before he’s even tried on his first pair of football boots, and name him after one of the greatest to play the game…

Since sharing the ‘we’re having a baby’ news with your family and friends you’ve received enough ‘baby’s first football kits’ to dress a whole team – dad’s trying to get him or her into Chelsea, cousin’s wants to claim your baby as a Newcastle United supporter… you get the idea.

But if you still haven’t got a name to put on the back of your baby’s shirt, why not take inspiration from a list of our favourite football names?


If you’re looking for an iconic English footballer to name your baby after, they don’t come much bigger than Bobby Moore or Sir Bobby Charlton. Moore captained England to World Cup victory in 1966 and Charlton was one of the greatest midfielders of all time – and a member of that World Cup winning team in ’66.


If you were more excited about a new pair of football boots than ballet shoes as a little girl, why not name your daughter after one of England’s best female footballers Kelly Smith? She is England’s record goal scorer with 45 goals in over 100 appearances. 


It’s OK if you only became a little bit more interested in football when David Beckham was playing. But, he was one of our greatest players so naming your baby after him is definitely a win-win. 


America’s Mia Hamm has scored 158 international goals, which is more than any other player, male or female, in history. If that’s not enough reason to name your baby after her then we don’t know what is.


If your partner insists your son is going to grow up to be the greatest footballer of all time, why not help him fulfil that dream and name him after Lionel Messi. The pint-sized Argentinian is captain of his national football team and regularly thought of as one of the greatest to ever play the game. Surely that’s enough reason to name your baby after him?


If you’re looking for a classic name with a bit more meaning behind it (it means ‘He (God) has favoured me’), you should look to Swedish superstar Hanna Ljungberg. It’s a pretty name and the quirky spelling makes it stand out.


Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale was Football Writers’ Association Footballer of the Year and Young Player of the Year in 2013 so naming your little boy after him could be a good omen. 


You might have a little goal machine on your hands if you name your baby after Alan Shearer, who holds the record for scoring the most Premier League goals. But, hey, at least all that cheering will keep you warm on those cold match days.


If your baby grows up to be anything like Shannon Boxx she’ll be an international footballing superstar and a three-time Olympic gold-medal winner. So, not bad eh?


If you’ve got plans for your little one to be in goal then naming him after one of the most decorated Goalkeepers of all time, Oliver Kahn, could be the boost he needs.

During his captaincy of the German national team at the 2002 World Cup he was voted as the best player of the tournament and awarded the Golden Ball – he remains the only goalkeeper to have won it to this day. 


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