21 German baby boys names for your little junge

German baby names

by Georgia Aspinall |

Want a strong yet meaningful name for your little boy? Look no further! Whether you want to link your baby's name to his ancestral roots or just find a unique name with lovely significance, we have the name for you in our 21 German boy's names...

  1. Adelio- A super unusual name with a distinct sound, Adelio also means the father of the noble prince. While it may sound Spanish, it actually has German roots!

  2. Alaric- This cool, unique name is great for parents who see a future leader in their baby boy as it means all-powerful ruler. An ancient regal name, it also has many nickname options like Al or Rick.

  3. Bauer- This name may mean farmer, but there's surely a future in publishing for your baby if you go with this name. Name your baby after this German publishing powerhouse family and they'll be bound to experience great success.

  4. Beno- We love this unusual German baby boy name, with the possibility of shortening it to Ben should your baby want a more traditionally English name!

  5. Conrad- This strong, cool name means brave counsel. It has regal links and many pop culture references to keep it modern. With a super masculine image to it, your baby boy will thank you for this name one day.

  6. Charles- You may think this name has French origin, but it actually came from Germany. It's a popular choice and has a great meaning: free man.

  7. Derek- A form of Theodoric, Derek is both strong sounding and popular. Meaning the peoples ruler, it's another great choice if you want your baby to lead the crowd.

  8. Dwight- This name might sound old-fashioned, but it actually has a bunch of famous bearers bringing it into popularity again. The name of professional basketball players Dwight Howard and Freeney, your son may have the luck of the Dwight's and end up in sports!

  9. Faber- This super unusual name is a great choice for parents who want something quirky. The German variation of Fabian, we love how distinctive it is.

  10. Frederick- A classic choice, Frederick is great for its shortener options. With Fred, Rick or the adorable Freddie to choose from, your son will thank you for how versatile his name is. Not only that, it also has a lovely meaning: peaceful ruler.

  11. Harlan- Another cool, unusual choice, Harlan means rocky land. It's slowly becoming more popular having faded into obscurity for a long time.

  12. Rocco- This adorable name might sound too pet like for your baby boy, but it's actually storming up the baby name charts thanks to Madonna choosing it for her son. It can be altered to Rocky when he's older, and he'll surely thank you for that.

  13. Jarvis- Distinctive yet modern, Jarvis has a certain charm to it you can't help but love. A good choice for parents into rock music, as your baby won share his name with legend Jarvis Cocker.

  14. Johannes- This traditional German name is perfect if you want a unique name with strong links to German culture while also having a lovely religious meaning of God is gracious.

  15. Kellan- A super cool name you can easily picture in movies, Kellan means slender. It's most notable bearer is American actor Kellan Lutz, who has brought it up the baby name ranks and won us over for sure.

  16. Lukas- A great spelling variation on Lucas, Lukas can also be shortened to the more traditionally English Luke. It continues to stay in style through the years, and could even be shortened further to Kas if you want to stray from the crowd.

  17. Milo- This adorable name perfectly suits a tiny little baby. Even better, it could be nicknames Miles when your son gets older and has a meaning many little boys will be proud of: soldier.

  18. Otis- This strong, traditional name stormed back into popularity with when Kanye West and Jay-Z named one of their most popular hits after Otis Redding. Meaning wealthy, it may sound old fashioned but it's actually attached to many modern famous people.

  19. Ryker- Possibly the coolest name on our list, Ryker not only sounds amazing but also means rich. It's a name your son will definitely be grateful for.

  20. Stefan- Any fans of The Vampire Diaries will understand why this name has leaped in popularity in the last few years, as it is the name of one of the coolest lead characters. It's a great variation on the traditional Steven, keeping the nickname possibilities while also having a unique twist.

  21. Wolf- With Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne naming their baby Bear, all animal names are now on the baby naming table and Wolf is a strong contender. Surprisingly, it has a large number of famous bearers especially in Germany, and is the name of actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers son.

If none of these names are the perfect fit for your new arrival, why not try our baby name generator?

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