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21 Scottish baby boy names for your little bairn

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Scottish baby boy names

Choosing a name for your baby boy can be as simple as naming them after your parents, but for many it's a long arduous journey to find a name that sounds amazing, has a touching meaning and suits both you and your partner.

Embracing your roots is a great way to connect with a meaningful name, plus Scottish names also sound super cool- he might be the only Fergus in the playground, but will be thanking you as he grows up! Check out our fabulous list of Scottish baby boy names and you're sure to find one to please the whole family...

  1. Ailbert- The Scottish variation on Albert, Ailbert means noble and bright. It continues to remain an old classic, with more famous figures named Albert than we could count!
  2. Baird- This Scottish occupational name is the anglicised form of Bard which means poet, so is great if you want to raise a little wordsmith. A common surname in Scotland, it is a unique and poetic choice.
  3. Carson- Meaning son of the marsh-dwellers, Carson is a gender-neutral name popular thanks to American TV host Carson Daly.
  4. Caelan- A Scottish variation on Nicholas, Caelan has a great meaning: people of victory. This cool name is still unique enough to be unconventional, but we see its popularity growing in future.
  5. Dalziel- One of the more unusual names on this list, Dalziel actually has authentic roots. Pronounced 'di-yell' it may resign your child to a life of correcting people but we do love how unique it is.
  6. Alick- The Scottish version of Alex, Alick is a great name if you see a future humanitarian in your little boy- the name means defending men.
  7. Euan- This Gaelic name is the anglicized form of Eoghann, but is common enough now to be pronounced correctly. Made popular by actor Ewan MacGregor, its a classic name that continues to maintain it's appeal.
  8. Fergus- Both a Scottish and Irish favourite, Fergus means man of force and denotes courage. We love the adorable nicknames of Fergie and Gus.
  9. Brody- Despite the somewhat negative meaning of ditch, Brody is a common name in America. Increasingly popular due to reality star Brody Jenner, we also love the alternate spelling of Brodie. 
  10. Kendrick- This cool name is set for a revival with the rise of rapper Kendrick Lamar. Not only does it sound great, it also means champion- there's no way your baby boy won't love this name.
  11. Grant- You may only be able to picture Grant Mitchell with this name, but as Captain America's middle name your boy is sure to thank you for this one. It means large, and is a popular choice in the US. 
  12. Hamish- The Scottish version of James, Hamish became popular in the 19th Century. It remains a solid baby name choice perhaps due to its meaning of supplanter, which is to take power from someone. 
  13. Irvin- We love this adorable Scottish baby boy name! Meaning handsome, it's very traditional and has faded into obscurity in modern times. Go down the unconventional route and revive this great name.
  14. Breck- Meaning freckled, Breck is a common Gaelic surname and so an original choice for unconventional parents. It feels somewhat jock-like, and so is perfect if you want to make an athlete of your baby boy.
  15. Jock- Why not completely commit to a sporty name and choose Jock? The Scottish equivalent of Jack, your son is destined for an athletic life with this name.
  16. Knox- We are obsessed with this super cool name. An old Scottish surname that was revived by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Knox has strong Scottish roots as the surname of the priest who brought about the Reformation in Scotland.
  17. Lachlan- Pronounced 'lock-lin', Lachlan is hugely popular as a traditional Scottish name. It was originally used to describe the Viking invaders of Scotland.
  18. Mack- Another cool sounding name, Mack is a great choice away from the conventional Max or Jack. Perfect for comedy-lovers, Mack Sennet was a legend in slapstick comedy. 
  19. Niven- An unusual choice, Niven is another Scottish surname that is waiting for its chance to shine as a first name. Not only is it adorable, it also means little saint!
  20. Ronson- This modern Scottish name is a great unique choice. Perhaps rising due to DJ Samantha Ronson, it's a fabulous, original option perhaps for musical parents.
  21. Thane- Known mostly for its association with Shakespeare's Macbeth, Thane is another unique option moving away from Zane and Wayne. 

If none of these names are the perfect fit for your new arrival, why not try our baby name generator?


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