21 Welsh baby boy names for your little babi

Welsh baby boy names

by Georgia Aspinall |

Looking to honour your Welsh family or simply want something more unconventional? These Welsh baby boy names are the perfect mix of beauty, originality and meaningfulness. Check out our favourite Welsh names and end all those baby naming arguments for good...

  1. Aeddan- The Welsh version of gender-neutral Aidan, Aeddan means little and fiery. We love this variation, and the meaning suits a little boy perfectly.

  2. Bowen- Surnames as first names are a great way to pay homage to your Welsh roots. Bowen is a Celtic surname and can also act as an ode to the late great David Bowie.

  3. Cadoc- If you see a future warrior in your little boy Cadoc is perfect, as it means battle. As a Welsh saint's name, it is not only unique but also has a biblical edge.

  4. Dawson- Thanks to Dawson Creek, Dawson has had a meteoric rise in popularity since 1998. It has remained even after the shows demise as a strong Welsh name that means son of David.

  5. Drystan- The Welsh variation of Tristram, and the name of a counsellor to King Arthur, we can see Drystan growing in popularity with the rise of Triston and Kirsten.

  6. Evans- Another cool surname turned first name, Evans means the Lord is gracious. Take of the 's' if you want it to sound more conventional, although we love this Welsh variation.

  7. Floyd- It might have an ageing meaning on grey haired but this name is one and baby will love thanks to legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather. It could also be an ode to Pink Floyd for musical parents.

  8. Gareth- Denoting modestly, Gareth means gentle and was the name of the brave knight in King Arthur's court. A popular Welsh name, it still reminds us of popstar Gareth Gates.

  9. Idris- We are obsessed with this amazing name, meaning lord. It was virtually unknown before the great Idris Elba became a national treasure.

  10. Jevon- An unusual Welsh variation on Evan, Jevon is not only unique but also has a touching meaning: gift of God. It can be spelt Jevan or, for the super unconventional, Yevan.

  11. Lloyd- A more modern equivalent of Welsh original Llywd (pronounced 'lhoo-eed'), Lloyd is a great surname to use as a first name. It is more common in America, so is ready and waiting for UK parents to revive it.

  12. Marvin- We are obsessed with this adorable old-fashioned name. You can embrace your Welsh-ness or use it as an ode to the legendary Marvin Gaye, your choice!

  13. Parry- A variation on Harry, even meaning son of Harry, Parry is a common Welsh name.

  14. Ellis- Another popular Welsh name, Ellis is a great gender-neutral choice that means benevolent. It has great nickname potential with El and Ellie

  15. Tarian- This unique Welsh baby name is gender-neutral is often used for girls in Wales. However, we think it makes a great boys name with a suiting meaning of shield.

  16. Trystan- A Welsh variation on Tristan, which is originally Celtic, Trystan is a more unique option. You may be setting yourself up for a noisy few years though, as Trystan means noise.

  17. Yale- This unusual name also has an unconventional meaning of fertile upland. It may also be a good omen if you want a super academic child as it's also the name of an Ivy League university in the USA.

  18. Rhys- Another popular Welsh baby boy name, Rhys means ardour (great enthusiasm) and is a great more conventional choice. Increasing in popularity because of actor Rhys Ifans and as the middle name of Jonathon Rhys Meyers, it's a charming traditional choice.

  19. Owen- This great traditional Celtic name means young warrior and has maintained its place at the top of baby name charts for decades. The name of St. Owen, a Benedictine monk, it also has religious meaning for many parents.

  20. Glyn- A great variation on Glenn, Glynn is an adorable Welsh baby boy name. It's extremely popular in Wales and we love how traditional it is.

  21. Merlin- Another adorable baby name, Merlin is the name of a famous fifth-century sorcerer with a TV show of the same name. Meaning sea-fortress, it is also gender-neutral.

  22. Bryn- We are obsessed with this super cute Welsh baby boy name. Meaning hill, it is a great traditional name.

If none of these have made it to your baby name list, try our baby name generator to find lots more suggestions.

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