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A pub landlord received a letter from Kate and Wills thanking him after they heard he renamed his pub The Prince George

From taking their own official first photographs as a family to announcing Prince George’s birth via email, we know that Kate and Wills like to do things a little differently. And when a pub landlord recently paid his own tribute to the Royal baby by naming his pub after him, they made sure to show their gratitude.

The pub in Watford was previously named The Sycamore, but when landlord Terry Rigg took over in June he decided it was time for a change. And what better way to re-vamp than by paying tribute to one of the world’s most famous babies – and re-naming it The Prince George. (Although it’ll be quite a while before Prince George can visit the pub for a drink)

Terry wrote a letter to the Palace to tell them about the name change, and later got a letter of his own thanking him for his gesture.

The letter from St James’ Palace said, ‘The Duke and Duchess were touched that you would change the name of your pub to The Prince George and have asked me to send you and your customers their warmest thanks and best wishes.'

After getting his letter Terry said, ‘I wasn’t expecting a reply and was thrilled to receive the letter and photo of the young family. It’s exciting because we believe we are the first pub to have changed their name after the birth.'

Aw! Even more reason to love Kate and Wills then…

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