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Baby Boy Joy! The Top 20 Baby Boy Names For 2013

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Tradition seems to be reigning strong in this year’s most popular baby boy names, as are those with a rather royal inspiration

Whether you’re a fan of retro names, manly ones or love something with a hint of tradition, settling on a name for your baby boy can be tough. You want something that will put him in good stead for the future but also sum up how incredible he is.

Take inspiration from the UK’s top 20 list of baby boy names for 2013, as seen in Baby Names 2014, which shows what’s in vogue in the name game this year – luckily there is no ‘Egypt’ on the list, a la Alicia Keys.

1. Harry

As the most popular choice for the year, it seems that there are lots new mum fans of Prince Harry or Harry Styles…

2. Oliver

Amongst others, Oliver Twist and Oliver Cromwell have made this British name popular.

3. Jack

…of all trades? Hopefully he’ll be a dab hand at DIY when he’s older and fix everything that needs doing!

4. Alfie

A sweet name that suits both the young and old and will always remain a classic.

5. Charlie

The name Charlie has become more and more popular in the last few years – it might be time to get on the bandwagon!

6. Thomas

Tom, Thom or Tommy – plenty of abbreviation options here, should you get bored of the original.

7. Jacob

This name is a huge hit right now, possibly due to the desirability of a certain werewolf Twilight star.

8. James

…Bond, Franco, Dean. There are lots of famous James’ out there and yours could be one of them.

9. Joshua

Always a favourite, Joshua has a nice ring to it and is often condensed to its nickname ‘Josh’.

10. William

Another regal, and timeless, option that is proving very likeable this year.

11. Ethan

Meaning ‘strong, firm, impetuous’, this is a great name if you want your son to have a masculine name.

12. George

As the saint of England, there can’t be a name more quintessentially English and patriotic.

13. Riley

This cute name is hugely popular stateside and is now becoming big here, too.

14. Daniel

A Hebrew name that has stood the test of time and can be sweetly shortened to “Danny”.

15. Samuel

The abbreviation of this name is hugely popular as is the full version.

16. Noah

This biblical name is making a big comeback and is both cute for a toddler and strong for a man.

17. Oscar

If it’s good enough for Hugh Jackman’s son…

18. Joseph

Possibly a tribute to Hollywood’s man of the minute Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as it’s an unusual choice.

19. Mohammed

You may have a little boxer on your hands, should you choose this famous sportsman’s name.

20. Max

Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera are just two iconic celeb mums who named their son Max.


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