French boy names for your little monsieur

French baby boy names

by Georgia Aspinall |

French names are not only filled with beautiful meanings, but they’re also stylish and romantic. You might want to connect with your French roots, adore the French language or just want to find a unique name for your baby boy, either way, we have the name for you! Check out our favourite unique French names for your little boy.

Popular French boy names

  1. Alain - Need to pay homage to the Alan in your life but want something with an extra pizazz? Alain is the French variation of Alan, and is as popular in France as Alan is in England. A strong, traditional name for your baby boy.

  2. Alexandre - This strong, traditional name is attached to many French athletes and has a thoughtful meaning - defending men. The masculine form of Alexandra, it works even if you have a surprise in the delivery room!

  3. Baptiste - This unique name was formerly extremely religious, meaning Baptist in French and served as an ode to Saint John of Baptist. Stylish and sophisticated, it is a great choice for any parent- religious or not!

  4. Chance - We are obsessed with this unique, cool name - the French variation of Chauncey. It has been endorsed by Larry King and Paul Hogan, and is on the rise with rapper Chance the Rapper (real name Chancelor).

  5. Claude - This gender-neutral French name is a classic choice, popular since the 19th Century thanks to painter Claude Monet. It has various versions, Caludio and Claudius being the most popular.

  6. Curtis - This strong, clean name means courteous and polite - a perfect trait for your new family member! Linked to significant athletes and musicians such as Curtis Jackson (50 Cent), it’s never out of fashion.

  7. Dion - Meaning child of heaven and earth, Dion has a heartfelt meaning while also sounds super cool. With links to Canadian legend Celine Dion, this name is as strong as her amazing career.

  8. Emile - Adding an ‘e’ to Emil to give it the French spin, Emile is a popular masculine form of Emily. Meaning rival, its sure to cause rivalry between your other children, who will be super jealous of their brother’s stylish name.

  9. Julien - This beautiful name is an ode to a rising star and is derived from Julius - the old-fashioned version. Meaning youthful, it is a popular choice for celebrities like Lisa Kudrow, Jerry Seinfeld and Robert De Niro, although they use the English spelling of Julian.

  10. Lafayette - We love this classic French name, notable for its association with American Revolution General Marquis de Lafayette. It means faith, and can be shortened to Fayette or even more adorably, Fate.

  11. Leroy - An old-fashioned name that is deserving of a comeback, Leroy means 'the king'. Bringing back an old classic is a great choice if you want a unique but meaningful name.

  12. Lucien - This name oozes sophistication and handsomeness. Meaning light, the name can also be nicknamed Luke or Lucas if they want a less unique name with age.

  13. Marcel - This super masculine name means little warrior- adorable for your baby boy. Oscar-winning actor Marion Cotillard named her son Marcel in 2011 and in doing so revived the traditional name.

  14. Romain - The French variation on Roman, a hugely popular name in recent years, Romain means citizen of Rome. This romantic name is meaningful for literary parents, as roman in French means novel.

  15. Russell - Surprisingly, the name Russell actually began as a nickname for a redhead! Since the success of Russell Crowe and Russell Brand, the name has been under a style revolution and is now a super cute option for many parents.

  16. Theirry - Meaning powerful, the name Theirry is as strong as it is romantic. Whether you see your son’s future in football or perfume design, there is a Theirry’s footsteps to follow!

  17. Terrence - This spelling variation on Terence is popular in the US, and is the name of Empire actor Terrence Howard. Just like his character Lucious Lyon, Terrence means smooth.

  18. Valentin - We love this super romantic name. Meaning strength, Valentin not only sounds beautiful is also has a heart-warming association with love.

  19. Virgile - The French variation on Virgil, you might have heard this name referenced on the radio as Kanye West often refers to his creative director, Virgil Abloh, in his songs. Virgile is a softer version and is due for a rebirth having been ignored for the past few decades.

  20. Yann - While Yann is more often used as a modern variation of the ever-traditional John, it can also be a short version of Yannick. Meaning God is gracious, it has a beautiful significance for religious parents while also sounding strong.

  21. Travis - We can feel this name coming up for a revamp. With the success of musicians Travis McCoy and Travis Scott, the adorable French baby name is bound to be popular over the next few years.

Check out even more french baby names. If none of these made it to your list and you're still looking for inspiration, why not try our baby name generator?

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