Muslim and Islamic boys names

Muslim baby boy names

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Still unsure about what to name your new arrival?  Whether you want a Muslim baby boy name with spiritual significance or simply one that sounds unique and beautiful, read our list of the top Muslim and Islamic boy names with meanings and you’re sure to find one the whole family will love.

Muslim and Islamic names for boys

1) Yusuf - A favourite name for its reference to Surat Yusuf, a prophet who has an entire chapter dedicated to him in the Quran. Meaning God gives, it is an ancient name popular amongst parents.

2) Zayd - A twist on the traditional name Zaid, Zayd was the name of a slave whom Muhammad adopted as his son, therefore aptly means growth. It’s humble and touching meaning adds to what is already a cool, modern-sounding name.

3) Samir - Easy to nickname, Samir is a popular name in the UK and US. It means ‘a friend to talk with in the evening’, so your baby will not only have a beautiful name, he may also be a social butterfly!

4) Walid - For those more literal parents out there, Walid means new-born. It was the name of the Umayyad caliph who conquered Spain in the 8th century and so is both beautiful and significant.

5) Hamza - A classic Muslim baby boy name, Hamza was the uncle of Prophet Muhammed and the hero of The Hamzanama in the story of Hamza. Not only will your baby be named after a legend, the name also means lion - a strong contender for any baby name debate.

6) Jakeem - One of the more unique Muslim baby names, Jakeem also has a distinctive meaning: raised up. We love this strong, unusual name.

7) Rayyan - A gender-neutral name, Rayyan is the name of one of Islam’s gates of paradise which only observers of Ramadan would enter on the Day of Resurrection. Spell it Rayan if you want something more unique.

8) Aariz - We are obsessed with this beautifully unique name. Meaning ‘rain bearing cloud’ it might not have the most touching meaning but it is surely the most distinctive, charming name on this list!

9) Shakir - Name your new-born Shakir and you will hopefully parent the most thankful child in history, as Shakir means grateful in Arabic. It is also the masculine form of Shakira, so your boy will share his name with the Latin legend.

10) Xavier - Your little boy could never complain about this stylish yet strong name, one he would share with Professor Xavier from X-Men. Meaning bright, it can be pronounced with or without the X, whichever you prefer!

11) Habib - Perfect for the newest member of your family, Habib means loved one. We love how strong this name sounds.

12) Malik - A popular Muslim baby name, Malik means King. So, if you see a future ruler in your baby, this strong name is perfect.

13) Rafee - Meaning exalted, the name Rafee is a symbol of high status. An alternate spelling to Rafi, we love how unique this name is.

14) Barack - As the first name of the 44th President of the United States, Barack has hugely increased in popularity since 2009. Meaning blessing, the name stems from the Arabic ‘baracka’.

15) Zayn - Meaning beauty and grace, Zayn has burst into baby name popularity following the rise of One Direction superstar, Zayn Malik.

16) Sulaiman - This traditional Muslim boys name means peaceful. Named after the son of Prophet David and a king given powers by God, it is a popular choice for many parents.

17) Yushua - We are obsessed with this Arabic take on Joshua. Not only is it a modern twist on a traditional name, it has a lovely religious meaning: God rescues.

18) Iskander - See a future humanitarian in your baby? Iskander means helper of mankind. It’s touching meaning makes it a winner in our books, combined with the fact it sounds so stylish.

19) Nuh - This super cute Muslim baby name is known as Noah in the English-speaking world. It is mentioned 43 times in the Quran therefore has huge religious significance as well as sounding absolutely adorable.

20) Ameer - Meaning a ruler in the Arab world, Ameer is the unusual variation of Amir. Changing up the spelling puts a modern twist on an old classic.

21) Ebrahim - Another spelling twist on a classic name, Ebrahim is a variation on Ibrahim. The Arabic version of Abraham, God’s messenger, this name has special religious significance.

22) Aayan - This Islamic boy name means God's gift and it's certainly true that a baby is truly a gift to us parents.

23) Riaz - If you're a nature lover, Riaz is a lovely option. It has several meanings such as meadow, garden and land with beautiful grass and flowers.

24) Adeel - Translating as one who acts with justice and fairness, this gorgeous baby boy name just rolls off the tongue.

25) Farid - This Arabic originated name is associated with the lucky number is 6. It also means one of a kind which your little one is bound to be.

If none of these Muslim and Islamic boy names has made it to your list, why not try our baby name generator for more inspiration?

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