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The Best Unique Baby Boy Names 2018

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We've already brought you the most popular baby boy names for 2018, but if you're looking for a baby name that will help your new arrival stand out from the crowd, this is the list you've been searching for - the best unique baby boy names for 2017. That said, you always know when you've found 'the one' and if none of these steal your heart, why not try our baby name generator?

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Unconventionally chosen by Leighton Meester and Adam Brody for their baby girl, this traditionally male name means ‘fortified hill’, or in other words, strengthened or protected.
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A Spanish baby name that means 'Eager for battle', we love this cute, unusual name! 
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A German baby name, meaning 'brown'. 
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A Swedish/Danish naem meaning 'to live', we love this uncommon name. 
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A Norse baby name meaning 'dwells at the shine of the cross'. 
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A French baby name and also an old town in South West France from before the Roman Occupation. A good choice for history fans! 
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An English baby name meaning 'majestic', Gus isn't one you'll hear a lot in the playground. 
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An Old English name meaning 'Hugh's meadow'.
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We love this cute German baby name, meaning 'wealth and fortune'. 
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An old English name, originally meaning ‘blond’ this is the perfect name for your fair haired baby! In Irish mythology, Finn is a warrior with supernatural powers, remembered for his wisdom and generosity.
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A super-cute name, made popular by Harry Potter, Albie is a shortened version of Albert, Alban or Albus, meaning ‘noble’ and ‘bright’.
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A French baby boy name meaning 'oarsman' - a perfect choice for sailing fans! 
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A cute Disney-inspired name, which actually means 'nobody' in Latin! 
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It’s one of the most awaited baby names of the year, but whether you love or hate Cheryl and Liam Payne’s baby name, they’ve put it on the map.  
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Recently chosen by Geri Halliwell, this unusual name means ‘pointy hill’. We also love the cute nickname Monty.  
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An English baby name meaning 'from the island'. 
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A Greek baby name, meaning 'hairy' - a cute option if your baby boy is born with a full head of hair! 
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A Latin baby name meaning 'peace', we love this cute name. 
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Meaning ‘brave in war’, this unusual name has been given a celebrity boost after being unconventionally chosen by Mila Kunis and Ashton Kuther as a name for their baby girl.
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A cute Japanese name meaning 'apple', this is an unusual choice, perfect for Beatles fans. 

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