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20 cartoon-inspired baby names (that are honestly really nice!)

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Some expecting parents pick their baby names based on their favourite places they've travelled, or from a book that's always meant something to them, but what about taking inspiration from your favourite cartoon you watched as a kid? 

Doing some research into some of the cartoon classics from over the years, including, The Flintstones, Scooby-Doo and even The Simpsons, we've come up with our top 20 cartoon-inspired baby names that might be right up your street.

If you're into the quirky names that have some originality too, have a scroll through, where all the memories will come flooding back. 

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1) Mickey

We could not miss Mickey off of this list, being the most popular cartoon character of all time. 
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2) Minnie

Following on from Mickey Mouse, we have the gorgeous name, Minnie, coming from Mickey's sweet girlfriend, Minnie Mouse. 
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3) Gertie

Gertie may be an unusual name, but this comes from Gertie the Dinosaur, the earliest animated film with dinosaurs! The 1914 animated short film was produced by American cartoonist and animator Winsor McCay. 
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4) Velma

If you're a fan of Scooby-Doo, Velma could be an option for your baby girl! This cute name comes from the character Velma Dinkley. 
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5) Barney

We couldn't do cartoons without The Flintstones, could we? Barney is such a fun name, which comes from the fictional character, Barney Rubble, the caveman husband of Betty Rubble. 
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6) Daphne

Following suit with the name Velma, we picked Daphne, too. Daphne Blake is another one of the gang in Scooby Doo and known for her red hair and lavender heels. 
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7) Fred

Fred isn't necessarily known as a cartoon name as it's already a popular choice, along with Freddie, but we had to have at least one of the Scooby Doo boys on here! 
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8) Betty

Betty is such a classic name and will no doubt come back into fashion. Not only does this come from the Flintstone character, Betty Rubble, but also, the animation of Betty Boop, and from the Archie cartoon. 
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9) Bart

Taken from a more recent cartoon series, we have Bart, aka Bart Simpson from The Simpsons. The Simpsons is an animated comedy that follows the lives of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie through comical situations they all get themselves in. 
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10) Wilma

Another inspiration from The Flintstones, we have Wilma. Wilma is the wife of Fred Flintstone, daughter of Pearl Slaghoople, and mother of Pebbles Flintstone. 
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11) Monty

It's not for everyone, but we felt Monty had its place on this list. Monty comes from the character Charles Montgomery "Monty" Burns from The Simpsons (you probably recognise him as Mr. Burns!)
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12) Lisa

We also have the lovely name, Lisa, which comes from Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons, too. 
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13) Peter

We took the name Peter from the character, Peter Griffin, from the American animated sitcom, Family Guy. Peter is voiced by the series' creator, Seth MacFarlane. 
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14) Lois

We also liked the name, Lois. Lois Griffin is Peter Griffin's wife in the sitcom Family Guy. They have three children, Stewie Griffin, Meg Griffin, and Chris Griffin. 
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15) Dennis

Remember the mischievous kid in the neighbourhood with his dog, Gnasher? Beano's Dennis the Menace is a comic cartoon following the tales of Dennis causing trouble while his parents are away. 
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16) Penny

The name Penny comes from the animation, Inspector Gadget. Inspector Gadget is about an inspector trying to solve cases with his niece, Penny, and her dog, Brain. 
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17) Odie

Odie is the dog who featured in the comic strip, Garfield. Odie also appears in Garfield: The Movie, based on the comic animation, which was released in 2004. 
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18) Eliza

Eliza has popped up into several of our baby name lists, being such a pretty name for your baby girl, but on this occasion, we picked it based on the main character, Eliza Thornberry, from The Wild Thornberrys. 
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19) Tom

Although Tom is quite a popular name for many families with their new boy, we had to include Tom from the animation, Tom and Jerry. 
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20) Jerry

Jerry Mouse comes from the theatrical animation, Tom and Jerry, but Jerry's actual character name is Jeremiah "Jerry" Mouse. 

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