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25 gender-neutral baby names and their meanings

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Choosing a name is never easy and you might find yourself torn between a girl and boy name... 

Gender-neutral names have never been more popular and the best bit is you only have to find one name you like rather than two (unless you're expecting twins!)

So we've come up with a list of the best gender-neutral and unisex baby names and their meanings for you!

Gender-neutral baby names:

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1) Ashley

This name is a very popular gender-neutral name and can be spelt 'Ashley or Ashleigh". With English origins it means "dweller near the ash tree meadow."
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2) Taylor

Taylor is a popular name that comes from the occupation of a "tailor". This name has always remained a popular for its gender-neutral name meaning and we love the nickname "Tay" for it. 
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3) Frankie

Frankie comes from the name "Francis" and is of a French orgin meaning "free man."
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4) Gray

Although this name is quite unusual, it makes for a lovely gender-neutral baby name and can be spelt either Gray or Grey. The "Gray" spelling orginally came from the name Grayson, meaning "the son of baliff", but it has soon become a name within its own rights. 
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5) Harley

This sweet name means "the long field" and has an English origin. 
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6) Spencer

Spencer is a name that not only sounds cool but also sounds traditional. It's French origins means "keeper of provisions."
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7) Jamie

Meaning "supplanter", Jamie is of Hebrew, Scottish origin and is a traditional, gender-neutral name.
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8) Rowan

Meaning "little red head", Rowan is of Scottish, Irish origin. It's also a popular name for babies born in Autumn, as its name meaning resembles the colour of the season.
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9) Jordan

Jordan is of Hebrew origin meaning "flowing down". The name was originally given to those baptised with Holy Water from the river Jordan, the only river in Palestine and where Christ was baptised. 
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10) Bailey

This strong sounding name is of English origin meaning "law enforcer." 
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11) Charlie

Charlie is of English origin meaning "free man" and is often used as a nickname for a Charles or Charlotte, before becoming a popular name by itself.
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12) Sailor

Although this isn't your most common name, it takes inspiration from the occupation of a sailor. It can also be spelt Saylor, and is a lovely gender-neutral baby name. 
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13) Andy

This name is of Greek origin meaning "strong" and has become a name in its own right. 
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14) Cameron

Cameron is of Scottish origin meaning "crooked nose". 
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15) Drew

Drew originally comes from the name Andrew, which is of Greek origin meaning "strong."
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16) Casey

This sweet name is of Irish origin meaning "brave in battle". 
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17) Dylan

Dylan is of Welsh origin meaning "son of the sea" and has a poetic feel to the name. It's still a very popular name, so your Dylan might not be the only one on the class register! 
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18) Kai

There are different variations of this name and their meanings: "sea" in Hawaiian, "forgiveness" in Japanese, "willow tree" in Navajo, "food" Maori and "earth" in Scandinavian. How lovely! 
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19) Remy

This name not only sounds cool, it's very cute too! Meaning "oarsman", Remy is of French, Latin origin and can be spelt Remy or Remi. 
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20) Blair

Blair is of Scottish origin meaning "dweller on the plain" and would be a good name if you're looking for something a little different to other gender-neutral names. 
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21) Elliot

Elliot is a traditional name that is slowly becoming popular as a gender-neutral name. It is of English origin, meaning "Jehovah is God."
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22) Cleo

This name speaks for itself with its Greek origin meaning "glory." 
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23) Dakota

Meaning "the friendly one", Dakota is of Native American origin. Dakota used to be very popular, but is now seen as a more unique, gender-neutral name. 
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24) Brook

This nature inspired name would be perfect for a free-spirited little one, and is of English origin.
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25) Avery

Avery is of English origin meaning "ruler of elves."

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