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10 Of The Best Names To Choose If You Want Your Baby To Be… An Actor

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If you want your baby to light up Hollywood, naming them after a star from the acting world certainly won’t hurt their chances

If you want your baby to be an actor, you might want to name them after one of the greats – especially someone with a corker of a name.


A very common name for a highly unusual character (think the Joker, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and ‘Here’s Johnny!’) – Jack Nicholson is only getting better with age.

Any little guy named after this shark-grinned, velvet-voiced star with a shelf full of Oscars should have big things ahead.


What a lady Yorkshire-born Judi Dench is. Her fabulous talent, hard work and charisma has given her a stream of roles on the stage and screen for over 50 years straight. Baby Judi would have quite a role model.


The name Dustin means ‘brave warrior’. So even if little Dustin doesn’t go on to play Rain Man or Captain Hook like Dustin Hoffman, he should be able to handle himself.


Is there a better woman to live up to than Meryl Streep? One minute she’s a devil wearing Prada, the next she’s leaping around a Greek island singing Dancing Queen.

Plus, the name Meryl means ‘shining sea’.


Brooding and cool, Joaquin Phoenix’s unusual first name means ‘God will establish’.

Little Joaquin will almost definitely be the only one in his class – and mums, take note, you’d be naming your boy after a man who took his mother to the Oscars and the premiere of Gladiator. Bless.


This Swedish name means ‘battle maiden’ or ‘heroine’, and Tilda Swinton lives up to it as one of the strongest actresses of our time. Experimental and unafraid, the Adaptation and Chronicles of Narnia star has been hailed by IMDb as ‘one of cinema’s most outstanding women’.


Denzel means ‘wild one’ – which, granted, sounds like your baby might go off and live in the woods. But, we think it’s fitting for Denzel Washington, who set off intent on a career in journalism but instead veered off into the ridiculously successful actor business.


Stylish and sophisticated, Kristin Scott Thomas is one of the UK’s best exports, especially since her starring roles in The English Patient and Four Weddings and a Funeral.

But France has her now – she’s lived there since she was 19 – so maybe your little one can be Britain’s new Kristin.


Kiefer is another name that won’t pop up on too many birth certificates, but with such a nail-bitingly engaging actor as Kiefer Sutherland behind it we wonder why not.

But maybe don’t show little Kiefer 24 until he’s older – you don’t want him toddling around yelling ‘We don’t have much time!’


Jodie, which like Judi means ‘Jewish, from Judea’ is a name with big shoes to fill thanks to Jodie Foster who speaks fluent French and Italian, studied at Yale and won two Oscars.


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