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10 Things You'll Only Understand If You Picked A Unique Baby Name

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From mild panic when you're asked for your little ones name to constant misspelling – you'll recognise these if you chose a unique baby name

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Your toddler gets birthday cards from your extended family with his name spelled wrong...

...every year.
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There’s a mum at the nursery gate that calls your toddler by his surname.

Nope, you're not happy about it.
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You repeatedly get asked why you and your partner chose ‘that name’.

Because you didn’t realise you’d be answering questions about it for the rest of your life...
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You take extra care when pronouncing other kids unusual names.

Because you know how it feels.
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When giving out your child's name, you automatically spell it out…

You've learned.
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Nursery teachers shorten his name to make it simpler..

And no, they don't ask first.
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Despite your toddler wearing a name tag at kid’s club, people still say ‘hey you!’*

*Rolls eyes
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People actually question if you’ve misspelled your own child’s name.

To which you reply, errrrr no.
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You’ve given up correcting people, but keep a running list to mis-spell their kid’s name at the next play-date.

Sorry Ginnifer.
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By the time your child reaches Primary school, he’ll have 20 different nicknames from the people who could never understand.

And you’ll continue to full name your little one for the rest of your life, scowling at those who abbreviate it or come up with their own renditions.

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