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12 Genius Ways To Choose A Baby Name (That You'll Love Forever)

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Choosing your baby’s name is a huge decision - but it's also one of the first exciting things you'll do as a mum. So let us get you started with some fresh ideas…

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Play with translations

Play around with translations of names you like the idea of for a new perspective (think Mary to the Italian version Maria). [Corbis]
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Family values

Whether you’ve always loved your Mum’s middle name or want to pay tribute to your late Grandma, looking close to home for inspiration can be a good first port of call. [Corbis]
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Lucky dip

If you’re seriously struggling with a name, you could ask friends and family members to write a few name options on separate pieces of paper and put them out of hat. You never know whether you’ll fall in love with the name you pull out. You can also try out our brilliant baby name generator for ideas that are tailored to you. [Corbis]
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Due date decider

Choosing a name based on your baby’s due date is another option. You could be inspired by a birthstone, season or month – a la January Jones. [Corbis]
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Icon inspiration

Whether you’ve always admired Princess Diana’s politics or loved Audrey Hepburn’s style, they may inspire you in other ways too. [Corbis]
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Modern or classic?

Think about whether you want to go for a contemporary name for your little one (think Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy) or something more traditional. Lily Allen chose the latter and called her little girls Ethel and Mabel. [Tumber | Beyonce]
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Cut it down

Names have a habit of being abbreviated – even if you don’t want them to be. So, have a think about how your top name choices may be shortened to check you still like them before settling on one. Also watch out for initials that spell out dodgy words… [Corbis]
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Go floral

While Daisy, Poppy and Rose are the favoured floral names, there are thousands of other plant and flower types just waiting to inspire baby name choices… [Corbis]
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Decide on the day

Waiting to pick your baby’s name until you’re holding him in your arms can give you some clarity. One name may just suddenly feel right. And even if you don’t decide right away, you’ve got 60 days to register your little one’s birth. [Corbis]
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A deeper meaning

Do you want your baby’s name to have a particular meaning? This can be a lovely way to give your little one’s name a little more depth. Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez named their son Maceo, which means ‘gift of God’ in Spanish while Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem’s daughter Luna’s name means ‘moon’. [Getty]

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