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15 Popular Girl And Boy Baby Names Inspired By Film And TV

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Would you consider naming your son or daughter after your favourite film or TV character? It’s a trend that’s been gathering ace over the past few years, with even fantastical names like Game of Thrones’ ‘Mother of Dragons’ Khaleesi and Katniss from The Hunger Games putting in appearances in the popularity stakes.

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With Frozen becoming the fifth biggest film of all time, there’s no real surprise that Elsa, with her icy magical powers, is fast becoming a popular baby name. We just can’t Let it Go!
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Aurora was the mythical Roman goddess of the dawn and became a very popular name after Charles Perrault wrote the fairy tale 'The Sleeping Beauty' in the 19th century. Aurora is enjoying a recent spike, however, probably due to the recent film Maleficent, starring Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning. (REX)
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No guesses here… Bella has jumped up the charts thanks to the Twilight trilogy and films starring Kristen Stewart as the vampire-loving teenager. (Corbis)
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An unusual girl name, the growing popularity of Skyler can be attributed to the multi-award winning Breaking Bad series that elevated its stars into the celebrity stratosphere. (REX)
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Ayra and variations of Aria and Ayla are jumping up the rankings, thanks to the devoted Game of Thrones fandom. Played by actress Maisie Williams in the hugely popular HBO seies, fearless tomboy Ayra is daughter of Eddard and Catelyn Stark of Winterfell and one of the show’s best-loved characters. (REX)
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Once a little-used Scottish name, we can most certainly attribute the recent spike in its popularity to the film action hero Wolverine, played by hunky Hugh Jackman. (REX)
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Another Game of Thrones-inspired baby name that’s gaining pace is ‘Mother of Dragons’ Khaleesi – Emilia Clarke’s character in the hit series, meaning ‘queen’ in the fictional language of Dothraki.
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Brody is proving more and more popular in recent years and one possible reason is the critically acclaimed series Homeland, starring Damien Lewis as the is-he-or-isn’t-he-a-terrorist Nicolas Brody and Claire Danesas CIA operative Carrie Mathison. (REX)
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Despite some parents’ undoubted reservations about naming their baby after a small screen serial killer, Dexter is proving to be an increasingly loved baby name for boys. We quite like the nickname ‘Dex’, too.
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Loyal, fearless, loving and a total kick-ass heroine, there’s no surprise that Katniss, the star of The Hunger Games trilogy, is a baby name that’s gaining popularity in recent years. (REX)
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Harry has always been a popular boy’s name, but the rise of Hermione over the last decade has definitely happened because of the mega-successful Harry Potter books and films, with Emma Watson starring as the bookish best pal of Ron and Harry.

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