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21 exotic Spanish baby girl names

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Spanish baby girl names

When choosing a baby name, if you're desperate to dodge the most popular monikers, why not consider something a bit more exotic and unusual? Get inspired by Scandinavia, France or even the beautiful Welsh countryside. Whether you’re embracing your heritage or naming your mini-me after the place where you are your significant other fell in love, you’re bound to love one of these cute Spanish baby girl names.

21 popular Spanish baby girl names:

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1) Adelina

If the cute vintage nickname Addie doesn’t make you fall in love with this name, it’s meaning ‘noble’ will. The Spanish variation of the Adeline, this beautiful name is rising in popularity.
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2) Alma

We love this adorable name, meaning ‘nurturing soul’.
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3) Camila

Pronounced ka-MEE-la, this Spanish name means ‘young ceremonial attendant’.
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4) Dominica

Meaning ‘belonging to the Lord’, this is the female version of Dominic. We love the fresh and energetic feel to this name.
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5) Elisa

The Spanish diminutive of the popular English name Elizabeth, meaning ‘pledged to God’.
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6) Emeralda

The Spanish version of the name Emerald, meaning ‘green’, this is the perfect, unusual name for your baby girl. In ancient mythology, the emerald jewel was supposed to open your heart to wisdom and love.
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7) Emilia

The feminine variation of Emil, this beautiful feminine name, meaning ‘rival’ is growing in popularity, perhaps thanks to The Princess Diaries.
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8) Florencia

The Spanish variation of the name Florence, meaning ‘flourishing’, we love the fresh, exotic feel to this cute name.
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9) Gabriela

A strong, beautiful name, meaning ‘God is my strength’, the Spanish spelling (with one l) is far more unique.
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10) Isabella

A name that has been put back on the popular lists by the blockbuster trilogy Twilight, this cute name means ‘pledged to God’. The Spanish version of Elizabeth, you’ll also love the nickname Bella.
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11) Isla

Meaning ‘island’, this name has seen a return in popularity in the UK, perhaps thanks to the beautiful Isla Fisher.
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12) Lucia

Perhaps one of the most popular names on this list, Lucia, meaning ‘light’ is the Latinate spelling of Lucy. What’s more, this is currently the most popular girls' name in Spain.
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13) Maria

One of the most popular names in Spanish speaking countries all over the world, this Latin variation of Mary means ‘wished-for-child’ – the perfect name for your precious bundle.
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14) Mia

A name meaning ‘mine’, this cute name has grown in popularity thanks to actress Mia Farrow.
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15) Natalia

Meaning ‘birthday of the Lord’, this is often a popular name for baby girls born around Christmas.
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16) Olivia

A Shakespearean name, meaning ‘olive tree’, she might not be the only Olivia in the playground, but you’ll never fall out of love with this beautiful name.
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17) Rosa

A popular floral Spanish name, meaning ‘rose’. One we have readily adopted here in the UK, Rosa is now more popular than English equivalent, Rose.
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18) Sara

A variation of the traditional name ‘Sarah’, this exotic spelling is far more unusual. We love the meaning of this name – ‘princess’.
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19) Sofia

Meaning ‘wisdom’, for many years, Sofia has been used as a royal name in Spain. Another popular spelling is Sophia.
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20) Tia

This cute name, meaning ‘aunt’ is the perfect choice if you’re looking to name your new arrival after that favourite relative.
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21) Valentina

Meaning ‘strength and health’, we love the ballerina-esque feel to this beautiful name.

If none of these names make it to the top of your list, why not try our baby name generator

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