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22 of the most popular Greek baby girl names

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Greek baby girl names

Greek names are exceptionally beautiful with amazing links to mythology. Whether you want a name suited to a Goddess or a unique, meaningful one, we have a bunch to choose from with our 22 Greek baby girl names...

  1. Alcie- We are obsessed with this adorable name and its unique twist on Alice. It's short for Aclina, which means strong-willed, perfect for your little girl!
  2. Lexia- A beautiful Greek baby girl name short for Alexia. We love the nickname potential of Lexi, and this names significant meaning of defending men.
  3. Anastasia- A beautiful Greek baby girl name that means resurrection. It's perfect for any parents who want a traditional yet modern name, while the two might oppose each other in theory, in reality Anastasia has managed to maintain its popularity despite it's old fashioned regal links. Perhaps thanks to its nickname possibilities ranging from Ana to Stas.
  4. Maya- With strong ties to Greek mythology, Maya not only sounds beautiful, but was the name of the legendary Greek mother of Hermes. It can also be spelled Maia if you want to add an unconventional twist.
  5. Arianna- A beautiful choice, Arianna can be spelled with either one or two 'r's or one or two 'n's. It depends which modern goddess you would like your baby girl to share her name with, Ariana Grande or Arianna Huffington.
  6. Cassia- This exotic name has such a feminine flare to it. It means cinnamon, and has kept its style throughout the decades. The biblical equivalent, Keziah, also gives it some religious relevance.
  7. Petra- The feminine version of Peter, Petra is an exotic Greek name which means stone. It is also the name of an incredible ancient city in Jordan, making it a strong contender if you're looking for a unique name.
  8. Demi- Short for Demetria, Demi has kept its popularity thanks to Demi Moore and Demi Lovato. We can't help but still love this name, it's both adorable on a baby and strong on a woman.
  9. Effy- This cool, unique choice is often a nickname for Elizabeth. For traditional parents, you could choose Effy as a short version of the more common form, or if you're looking for something more distinctive you could keep it simply to Effy. We love it either way.
  10. Melia- Short for Amelia, Melia is a more unusual choice. We love how pretty it sounds, and its strong meaning: work.
  11. Lydia- An early place name, Lydia has been a popular choice for parents for decades. It has a huge number of famous bearers, plus religious significance as the name of the first European convert of Saint Paul.
  12. Hermione- Any Harry Potter fans will be jumping at the bit for this one, as it's Greek origin also gives it a beautiful secondary meaning of messenger. The feminine version of Hermes, Hermione is a great choice.
  13. Tessa- Short for Theresa, Tessa has a modern feel to it and is increasingly rising up the baby name ranks. It means to reap, which we can be sure will lead to reaping rewards if this is your baby girls name.
  14. Hebe- We are obsessed with this unique, beautiful name. Meaning youth, it's pronounced 'hee-bee' and was the name of the Greek goddess of youth- perfect for your baby girl!
  15. Acacia- While it may mean thorny, this name is anything but nasty. It's rarely used, making it a lovely unique choice with links to nature. It also has religious meaning, as Acacia wood was used to make the Ark of the Covenant in the bible.
  16. Indigo- This beautiful name is less used than you may think, despite it's evocative nature. Meaning Indian dye, it has the adorable nickname potential of Indi!
  17. Lois- A name growing in popularity in recent years, Lois is becoming more desirable all the time, perhaps because of its suitable meaning of most desirable! A plus for any superhero fans, it's also the name of Superman's eternal love, Lois Lane.
  18. Isadora- An unusual choice, Isadora is heavily linked to the Greek goddess of fertility and birth. It can be shortened to Izzy if you want a more popular choice, but we love the long form too.
  19. Junia- A beautiful name perfect for babies born in June. The feminine variation of Junius, Junia is a great, unique choice for parents who want a distinctive name.
  20. Katerina- The Greek form of Katherine, Katerina is a gorgeous name. Popular thanks to the amazing Katerina 'Kat' Graham, this name is so pleasant to the ear.
  21. Lenore- A more unusual choice, Lenore is the modern version of Lenora. We absolutely love unconventional names, and this one certainly ticks that box!
  22. Alexa- Popular thanks to the amazing Alexa Chung, this name is a beautiful short version of Alexandra. It means defending men, and has maintained its popularity as a baby name for decades.

If none of these names are the perfect fit for your new arrival, why not try our baby name generator?


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