22 Japanese baby girl names

Japanese baby girl names

by Georgia Aspinall |

You might not guess it, but Japanese names are some of the prettiest around. With Isla and Mila topping the baby name charts, these Japanese baby girl names are similarly as beautiful while also having touching meanings. Whether you want a traditional name for you Japanese joji or simply want a unique, charming name we have the one for you…

  1. Amaya- Meaning night rain, this Japanese name is favoured for its ability to be shortened to Maya. The gorgeous twist on the Spanish version Amaia has held its place as a baby name favourite since 1996.

  2. Suki- A much more familiar Japanese name in the West, Suki is most famously the name of Suki Waterhouse- English actor and model. It has a beautiful meaning, loved one, but isn’t traditionally used as a name in Japan and is more commonly used as the verb ‘to love’.

  3. Zen- This simple name has great meaning for Buddhist families. Zen means peace, and is a form of Buddhism that focuses on meditation and intuition.

  4. Kiaria- A beautiful variation on Kiara or Keira, this unusual name means fortunate. It could be shortened to Kia, making it even sweeter.

  5. Chiyo- This adorable name has a traditional meaning of thousand generations. The title character and hero of Memoirs of a Geisha, Chiyo is commonly used in pop culture. It also has the cutest pet name: Chiyoko!

  6. Akira- This gender-neutral name means intelligent. It became popular in the West because of its use in manga and video games, so any anime fans in the family will adore it.

  7. Hana- This Japanese alternative to the biblical name Hannah can also be spelled Hanae. It’s one of the more popular names on the list, used all over the world especially in the Czech Republic. Meaning flower, it is both beautiful and accessible.

  8. Dai- One of the more unique options, Dai is pronounced dah-ee and is gender-neutral. It has a beautiful meaning: to shine. It has different meaning all over the world, in Arabic Dai may refer to Da’i, which means missionary and refers to a person inviting people to Islam.

  9. Ishi- This charming name denotes strong character, perfect for your baby girl! It peaked in popularity in 2014 and has been waiting for a revival ever since.

  10. Koko- This unique name is more popular than you would think, used most often in pop culture references. The nickname of Khloe Kardashian, it is sure to keep increasing in popularity for as long as America’s first family of reality TV continues to reign.

  11. Mai- We are obsessed with this adorable name! Meaning coyote, your little baby is sure to be a fighter. Mai is the name of many popular Japanese singers and actors, namely pop and R&B legend Mai Kuraki.

  12. Katana- Often spelt Kitana, Katana means honourable and is a popular type of sword, you might recognise the name from Michelle’s weapon on The Walking Dead. It might be unconventional, but we love the warrior vibes.

  13. Sakura- This traditional Japanese name maintains the ability to stay modern despite being engrained in Japanese culture for decades. Meaning cherry blossom, it’s a classic name for any baby girl.

  14. Ren- More commonly spelt as Wren in the US, Ren means lotus and is the Buddhist symbol of perfection. It is sure to become more widespread with the success of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, in which Kylo Ren is a main, albeit male, character.

  15. Nori- It may be the name of your favourite sushi roll, but it is also the cutest Japanese baby girl name. Used as a nickname for North West, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter, it is bound to jump in popularity over the next few years.

  16. Taya- This beautiful name has grown in popularity with the rise of Maya and Kaya. It’s meaning somewhat less poetic than the name sounds itself: young. Literal meaning or not, this name is a winner.

  17. Tori- A popular variation on English name Victoria, Tori is famously attached to actor Tori Spelling and has a more modern feel than Vicky. Meaning bird, it’s one of the more accessible names on the list, commonly used in America.

  18. Yoshi- Another adorable gender-neutral name, Yoshi means good or respectful. Perfect for Mario Bros fans, this unique name is great if you want something unconventional yet cute.

  19. Azami- Perfect if you envisage a future warrior in your baby girl, Azami means thistle flower which denotes defiance in Eastern mythology. Beautifully exotic yet easy to pronounce, we love Azami.

  20. Kimi- This super sweet name means righteous, and is the Asian equivalent of Barbie. It’s also Kim Kardashian’s nickname, the Kardashian family do love their Japanese nicknames!

  21. Miki- Yet another adorable gender-neutral name, Miki also has the cutest meaning of flower stem. It’s easily pronounced and is popular in Japanese anime.

  22. Nara- This beautiful name has an abundance of meaning in different cultures. The name of a gorgeous Japanese city, Nara means happy in Japan and is also the name of a Hindu God. It does mean ‘man’ in Hindi though, so may be a more unconventional option.

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