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23 popular French girls names you’ll adore

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Popular French baby girls names

Picking your baby's name can be a tricky task. You want something simple that's easy to pronounce but unique enough to stand out from the crowd. If you've exhausted all your options from good old Blighty, then you can always choose an intriguing name from overseas. Why not try a super stylish Scandinavian name or stay a little closer to home with a Welsh boy or girls name?

Whether you’re embracing your heritage, or just looking for something a little unusual, the French have some of the most beautiful names around. Your little girl might be the only Amelie in the playground, but we’re sure you’ll love her romantic sounding, chic name forever.

23 popular French girls names:

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1) Amelie

A traditional French name meaning ‘hard-working’, Amelie has been put back on the popular list thanks to the 2001 film. With a romantic, whimsical feel, this is far rarer than the ever popular Amelia from which the name descends.
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2) Clemence

Calm and composed, with an utterly French pronunciation (‘clay-mahnz’), this adorable name means ‘mild and merciful’. What’s more, the beautiful French actress Clemence Poesy has put this name back on the popular list.
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3) Brigitte

For a long time, this name has been associated with the famous Brigitte Bardot, yet this beautiful girls name means ‘strength’ or ‘exalted one’. The only downside to this name is that she’ll be forever reminding teachers it’s pronounced ‘bri-zheet’, not like the English variant ‘Bridget’.
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4) Chloé

Similar to the English version in spelling, but different in pronunciation (‘kloh-ay’), this beautiful name means ‘blooming’ and is historically linked to the Greek goddess of agriculture. Whether she’ll be a plant lover, or a mini fashionista (Chloé is also a popular French fashion house) we’re sure she’ll live up to her name.
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5) Clara

Meaning ‘bright’ and ‘clear’ this French name is growing in popularity. With a vintage vibe, this is also a popular choice with The Nutcracker fans – Clara being the lead character in the famous ballet.
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6) Elodie

Pronounced ‘EL-oh-dee’, this cute French name is a variation of the Greek ‘Alodia’. Meaning ‘foreign riches’, Elodie is a major character in Emile Zola’s novel The Earth.
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7) Ines

Meaning ‘pure’, this will appeal to those seeking an unusual, yet classic name for their new baby girl.
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8) Juliette

The French version of the English ‘Juliet’, the extra syllable makes the entire name sound far more romantic. Meaning ‘youthful’, this name is slowly but surely becoming more popular than its English counterpart.
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9) Madeleine

Despite its slightly forgettable meaning, ‘woman from Magdala or high tower’, this popular name has a beautiful ring to it. What’s more, it can also be shortened to the super cute nickname Maddie.
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10) Emmeline

Forget that it means ‘work’, this archaic, exotic French name will definitely stand out on the class register.
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11) Margot

With a silent ‘t’ on the end, this classic, sophisticated name is a beautiful choice for your baby girl. We can probably thank Australian actress Margot Robbie from The Wolf of Wall Street for putting this name back on the map, but we love it’s meaning too: ‘pearl’.
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12) Fabienne

An unusual name you’re bound to fall in love with, something about Fabienne, meaning ‘bean grower’ harks back to simpler times.
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13) Fleur

Meaning ‘flower’, this cute name is making a comeback thanks to Fleur Delacour – the French wizard in Harry Potter.
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14) Leonie

However you choose to pronounce this adorable French name, we’re sure your little one will live up to its meaning – lion.
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15) Lilou

Super popular in France, this pet form of ‘Liliane’ is still pretty unusual here in England. Meaning ‘lily’ and pronounced ‘lee-loo’, we’re sure you’ll agree it has a fresh, modern feel to it.
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16) Lucienne

Possibly one of the most French sounding names on this list, pronounced ‘loo-SYEN’, this lovely name means ‘light’.
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17) Aimee

An alternative spelling of the ever popular Amy, meaning ‘beloved’, this is popular with parents who want to give this classic name a modern twist.
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18) Coco

The nickname of the legendary French designer Coco Chanel, Coco has since become a cute name in its own right, with fans such as Courtney Cox choosing it for her daughter.
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19) Eloise

Meaning ‘healthy’, this cute French name is probably one of the most popular on the list, thanks to its appearance in the TV show Lost.
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20) Esme

Pronounced ‘EZ-may’, this is a popular choice for fans of J. D. Salinger, from his classic For Esme, With Love and Squalor. Meaning ‘esteemed and beloved’, Esme is also popular thanks to the character Esme Cullen in the blockbuster Twilight trilogy.
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21) Adeline

The French diminutive of the name Adele, this old fashioned name, meaning ‘nobility’, has a particular charm.
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22) Isabelle

Meaning ‘pledged to God’, Isabelle is another more common French name, but still equally as cute as the rest on this list.
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23) Gabrielle

Last, but by no means least, Gabrielle. Meaning ‘God is my strength’, this is actually designer Coco Chanel’s real name. 

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