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8 Of The Best Names To Choose If You Want Your Baby To Be… A Rock Star

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8 Of The Best Names To Choose If You Want Your Baby To Be… A Rock Star

Want to give your baby a head start in the stardom stakes? It may be worth looking at some of the most successful musicians for baby name inspiration

Whether you spent your teenage years sifting through vinyl in your local record shop or pressed up against festival railings waiting for your favourite band to come on stage, if you were a music lover then there’s no better place to look for baby name inspiration than some of the greatest artists of the last few decades.


If rock icon Freddie Mercury’s 80s tash and extravagant outfits (yep, we’re thinking about his get up in the I Want To Break Free video, too) influenced you growing up, you’ll always smile remembering why you chose this for your baby.


Give your little girl a massive head start in the cool stakes by naming her after one of punk rock’s leading ladies Debbie Harry. Copied Blondie’s iconic two-tone bleached blonde hairstyle back in the day? Naming your little girl after her is the ultimate homage.


When it comes to music icons they don’t come much bigger than Elvis Presley. So, if you’re All Shook Up about choosing a baby name why not take inspiration from The King? Just be prepared to wait a few years for the sideys to match the name.


If you’re anything like us, Joni Mitchell might have been the soundtrack to many of your long drives and chilled-out weekends. It’s a lovely, unusual name that could inspire your daughter to pick up a guitar.


Are you hoping your baby might grow up to be a world-famous musician? Well, if you’re a bit Superstitious naming him after Stevie Wonder could bring him all the luck he needs.


You don't get much more rock'n'roll than the Gallagher brothers, so why not take inspiration from this guitar legend. You won't look back in anger.


Marley, Dylan… even Bob the Builder had a number one single

Bob is a solid name in the music world. Or go with Marley or Dylan - both are cool, quirky names in their own right. Bob can also be used as a shortened version of Robert – your long hair and leather trousers might be long gone now, but if you had a Whole Lotta Love for Led Zeppelin back in the day, why not look to Robert Plant for baby name inspiration.


Hit the vintage vibe and get rock credentials by naming your baby after this No Doubt singer.


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