80 baby girl middle names and how to pick one

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You’ve chosen a first name and it’s perfect, and now you want a middle name that will complement it. Whether you have a middle name you love, don’t have one at all, or are just not that fussed about yours, it may be something you want to think about for your baby. And, why not? It can be a nice chance to enjoy even more baby name brainstorming fun while you’re still in that zone.

Tips for picking a middle name

You don't have to use one

That said, there’s no law that you have to have a middle name. If you can’t decide, or it’s causing you stress, why not forget it altogether? You can always change your mind later, and perhaps when you decide not to have one, the perfect name will come to you naturally.

Choose more than one middle name

You might find you’re torn between two middle names, or even three. So why not use them all, a la Uma Thurman with her daughter Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Busson.

Use a family member’s name

Middle names are often a chance to pay a nice tribute to a loved one, so think about different family members who mean a lot to you, even if their names aren’t in the running for first name. Definite brownie points at Christmas.

Think about your passions

Look to your favourite places, writers and artists for ideas – making such a personal choice can make for a gorgeous middle name that you always smile at.

Look back on names you liked

If you’re torn between two first names, you could always put the runner-up as the middle one. Lots of people go by their middle names, so there’s always the chance to change if you get naming remorse.

Perhaps there was a name you loved at school that’s fallen out of fashion, or maybe you have a friend who stole your baby name because she got pregnant first. Grrr. People tend to be less territorial about middle names, so this could be your chance to take it back.

Pair a classic name with a unique name

If you’re going with a unique first name, choosing a classic one for the middle can give it a lovely ring. Perhaps Ziggy James or Peaches Mary.

You could even have a classic first name and a quirky middle name – your child can always keep schtum about it if they’re not keen.

Choose a middle name from your cultural background

If you or your partner have roots outside of Britain, why not mark your culture with a middle name? It’ll remind your child of his background, and be a nice talking point when they grow up.

Make your maiden name your baby’s middle name

Your maiden name doesn’t have to be a distant memory. Some mums keep their family’s side in the mix by making it their baby’s middle name.

Baby girl middle names

  1. Ava

  2. Alice

  3. Anne

  4. Aria

  5. Alexandria

  6. Bee

  7. Blake

  8. Blair

  9. Caitlin

  10. Ciara

  11. Charlotte

  12. Cora

  13. Chloe-Anne

  14. Dawn

  15. Elise

  16. Ellen

  17. Erin

  18. Evie

  19. Faye

  20. Frances

  21. Grace

  22. Georgina

  23. Grey

  24. Hadley

  25. Hayley

  26. Harper

  27. Hope

  28. Iris

  29. Isla

  30. Ivy

  31. Ivy-Rose

  32. Imogen

  33. James

  34. Jade

  35. Jane

  36. Jordan

  37. June

  38. Joy

  39. Kayley

  40. Kennedy

  41. Lila

  42. Lily

  43. Lux

  44. Lydia

  45. Luna

  46. Masie

  47. Mae

  48. Morgan

  49. Mia

  50. Mia-Louise

  51. Nina

  52. Natalie

  53. Nova

  54. Olive

  55. Olivia

  56. Olivia-Rose

  57. Penelope

  58. Paige

  59. Quinn

  60. Raine

  61. Riley

  62. Robyn

  63. Rose

  64. Rae

  65. Ruby-Grace

  66. Sarah-Louise

  67. Summer

  68. Serena

  69. Sophia

  70. Teresa

  71. Taylor

  72. Tanya

  73. Vanessa

  74. Victoria

  75. Violet

  76. Willow

  77. Wyatt

  78. Wynona

  79. Zoe

  80. Zadie

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