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Baby Names Second Time Round: Find Your Perfect Inspiration

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You’re having a second baby and want to find a name as perfect as your first child’s. Stuck for ideas? There are plenty ways to get inspired

You put hours of thought into your first baby’s name. Now, you have another child on the way and you want to call him or her something just as perfect.

Reconsider old name options

When you named your first baby, you probably had a few options in mind. Or maybe you had both boy and girl names ready.

Now you’re pregnant again, is could be time to give one of those names a second chance.

Let your first child choose the name

A nice way to let your first child be part of the we’re-having-a-baby process is to give them a chance to choose their sibling’s name.

It doesn’t mean you have to let them choose out of the blue (you don’t want a baby called Peppa Pig, do you?).

You could show them your shortlist and ask them to help you choose. It’ll make a great story when they’re older, too.

Stick to a theme

Some parents like to name their children with the same first initial – like Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian (we’ll ignore Rob for the minute… sorry Rob).

You could also decide to stick to a theme of classic names such as Jennifer and Peter, or keep it quirky with names such as Lydia and Tristan.

Look to famous people

You can always look to your favourite actors, singers or even creative geniuses for naming inspiration.

If you named your first baby after somebody famous, maybe think about the same celeb scene to find a name for baby number two. 

Think about family members

Choosing a baby name is a lovely chance to honour a family member, perhaps one who has passed away or means a lot to you.

Keep your eyes and ears open

Ideas for names are all around. They’re being called out in the supermarket and on the street. They’re on TV and film credits. You might see a name you like in a book or on the letter pages of a magazine.

Stay on the look out.

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