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Baby Names! Zara Phillips And Mike Tindall Reveal What They've Called Their Daughter

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Since Zara and Mike Tindall’s baby girl was born last week, we’ve all been wondering what the new parents would name her. And now we know!

A spokesman for the couple has revealed that the baby’s name is not Poppy, as the bookies predicted, but Mia Grace. The name has no royal or family connections – just like Zara’s own.

It would seem that the decision of what to call Mia Grace took so long because the couple reportedly didn’t know the baby’s gender until she was born.

Mike also announced the news via Twitter, saying,

Mia was ranked as the ninth most popular baby girl name of 2013 and is also the name of Kate Winslet’s daughter.

We haven’t yet had a glimpse of Mia, although a spokesman for the couple said an official photograph is expected to be released soon – so watch this space.

What factors helped you decide what to name your baby? Let us know below.


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