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BabyName.Com: Would You Pick Your Baby’s Name Based On Its Website Potential?

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A new website helps you choose your baby’s name based on domain name availability

Some parents use books and websites, while others get inspired from favourite films or TV shows, and now parents can pick their baby’s name based on whether it’s available as a website domain name.

A new website tool called lets you type in your surname and whether you’re having a boy, girl or don’t know, and they’ll generate a selection of baby names that haven’t yet been registered as website domains.

The website is the creation of Finbarr Taylor and Karen X. Cheng. According to their site, the idea came from a joke.

‘Because Karen has such a common name, she never stood a chance at owning,’ says Finbarr.

‘She pledged that her future children would not be subject to the same fate – and she'd ensure this by making sure the domain is available before naming her child.’

So they created a website that automatically checks this for you and provides thousands of options for name combinations that are available as website domains.

Of course, what you’ll actually do once you register your baby’s name as a website domain is up to you. Some domain names can be sold for millions of pounds, and you never know, if your baby grows up to be someone famous, it could come in handy…

Have you already bagged your baby site or email address? Let us know in the comment box below.



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