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Boxer Amir Khan Changes His Baby’s Name Twice

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Picking a name for a child is a tough decision – after all, a name stays with you forever. And it seems that boxer Amir Khan and his wife Faryal have and a quick U-turn to arrive at the right name

Amir Khan’s baby daughter is less than a week old and has already had two alterations to her name.

The Olympic medalist’s first child was originally given the name Lamysa, but just five days later Amir revealed on Twitter that he had changed his daughter’s name slightly, to include an ‘h’ at the end.

‘Decided to call our baby LAMYSAH not LAMYSA,’ the 27-year-old boxer tweeted. ‘It sounds the same but we added the H at the end of it as Islamically it’s the right spelling.’

Another tweet from Amir explained his daughter’s name’s meaning, writing, ‘Lamysah means soft and gentle.’

But Amir’s tweets were followed by a tweet from wife Faryal, revealing that they had decided to change their minds again.

‘Sorry guys! Every1 is having difficulties pronouncing baby’s name. We have decided 2 change the spelling 2 Lamaisah – correct pronunciation.’

Lamaisah is the couple’s first child and was born in the early hours of last Friday. Shortly after, the doting dad shared a photo of his daughter in addition to a snap of him posing with the doctor who delivered her. 

If you’ve changed your mind about the name you’ve given your baby on her birth certificate, find out how to go about changing it here.

What was the biggest dilemma you faced when picking your baby’s name? Let us know in the comments box below.


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