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20 sweet flower baby names for girls

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Flower-inspired baby names for girls are blooming popular. They are feminine, delicate and beautiful, which couldn't be more perfect for a little girl! We've found 20 flower inspired baby names and what they represent. 

Will you choose a flowery name for your baby girl?

Flowery baby names for girls: 

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1) Acacia

An attractive yellow or white blossom which symbolises immortality. It's sometimes used as the national symbol of Australia. 
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2) Blossom

A cluster of flowers that look beautiful when in bloom, Blossom is making its way back into the popular baby girl names. 
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3) Bluebell

A pretty wildflower that often grows in the countryside. Bluebells are a symbol of gratitude and it's a beautiful, distinctive name choice.
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4) Clover

Clover is a charming and perky name that is often associated with lucky (the four-leaf clover). 
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5) Dahlia

This vibrant flower in Victorian represents elegance and dignity. 
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6) Daisy

The second most popular girls name begining with 'D'. This name comes from the phrase "days eye" as it opens its petals at daybreak. 
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7) Delphine

This name comes from the delphinium flower, which dolphine shaped flower represents an open heart. Delphine is a chic name. 
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8) Holly

It's leaves and vibrant red berries make this a beautiful Christmas decoration and an even more adorable name. The green leaves represent eternal life. 
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9) Iris

The Greek origin meaning "rainbow", an iris is the symbol of wisdom and courage. 
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10) Ivy

In Ancient Greece ivy would symbolise faithfulness. The evergreen plant represents eternity and strength.
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11) Jasmine

A small white flower that is known for its fragrance. This delicate flower is associated with love. 
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12) Lavender

Can also be spelt "Lavanda". Purple is the colour of royality and pink the colour of youth, making this an incredibly feminine name. 
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13) Lily

The symbol on innocence, the Lily is a beautiful star-like flower that smells wonderful. 
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14) Marigold

A cluster of sunshine, it is known as "herb of the sun" and represents creativity. 
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15) Petal

Beautiful, soft and sweet smelling. The petal has its own distinctive style.
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16) Poppy

A classic name and the symbol of sleep, Poppy is a very popular girls name. 
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17) Primrose

Meaning "first rose" this beautiful flower with a message of something special, telling someone you can't live without them. 
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18) Rose

An enchanting flower which beautiful colours offer distinct meanings: red, passion; white, innoncence; yellow, friendship; pink, appreciation; orange, desire. 

Rose can be shortened from Rosalie or Rosemary.
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19) Violet

Pretty, soft and sweet. This name was made popular by Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's eldest daughter.
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20) Willow

The symbol of nature and life, 'Willow' also represents balance, learning and growth. 

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