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It’s A Girl! The Top 20 Baby Girl Names For 2013

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Choosing a baby name for your little girl is never as simple as it seems, but summing up all her incredibleness in one word is possible. Be inspired by the names that are currently trending

Old fashioned names have become hugely popular, transforming what were stuffy “old lady” names into cool choices for baby girls.

Doris and Ethel are no longer ambling around in wheelchairs – instead they are whizzing down slides in the park.

Names taken from flowers and nature have also proved to be favourites and are great if you’re looking for a really feminine option. European-inspired names are still going strong – we Brits do like a touch of the continent. 

Whatever type of name you are after – old fashioned, modern or cute – find it in the top 20 list for baby girl’s names this year, compiled in Baby Names 2014.

1. Amelia

Originally German, this sweet-sounding name has topped the list of 2013’s best baby girl names.

2. Olivia

This Spanish name was first used in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night – translated it means ‘Olive’.

3. Lily

This floral name is a favourite of Kate Beckinsale and Johnny Depp, who both have daughters named after the flower.

4. Jessica

Traditionally, this Hebrew name means ‘wealthy’. So, here’s hoping your Jessica will be successful.

5. Emily

This name has many literary links – think Emily Bronté and Emily Dickenson. Maybe your daughter will be a wordsmith, too.

6. Sophie

Sophie has always been a popular name in the UK – it’s a safe option and doesn’t sound made up!

7. Ruby

A great name to show just how special your little girl is to you – as precious as a gemstone.

8. Grace

An elegant, poised and charming name; Grace is a lovely choice for your little beauty.

9. Ava

Reese Witherspoon gave her daughter this old-fashioned name that is now more popular than ever.

10. Isabella

Izzy, Bella, Bell…this pretty French-sounding name can be abbreviated in many different ways.

11. Evie

Meaning ‘lively’ in Hebrew, Evie is the ultimate ”old lady chic” name.

12. Chloe

With a myriad of spelling options (Khloe, Chloé, Chloë) you can make this name your baby’s own.

13. Mia

Mia was originally short for Amelia. Nowadays, the name stands alone and seems to be holding its own!

14. Poppy

Named after the red wild flower, Poppy is a cutesy, baby name that can affectionately be ‘Pops’.

15. Isla

This beautifully unusual name comes from “Islay”, an island off the West coast of Scotland. 

16. Ella

Adorable as a baby name,  Ella Fitzgerald proved this name could be rocked by a woman of any age.

17. Isabelle

A romanticised take on “Isabel”, this name is feminine and pretty and hugely liked in the States.

18. Sophia

Hunky dad Jude Law gave his daughter this name, which comes from the Greek word for “wisdom.”

19. Freya

This name has grown in popularity in the last decade and has now squeezed its way on to the top 20 list.

20. Daisy

Both Jamie Oliver and Meg Ryan opted to name their daughter after this delicate summer flower.


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