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30 baby names inspired by Jacqueline Wilson characters

Section: Girls baby names

If you've read any of the Jacqueline Wilson books, which we're sure you have, you'll know her characters are fun, quirky and easy to love and the names are often similar too. We've made a list of 30 girls names that are inspired by popular Jacqueline Wilson characters, with some traditional names and a few unique ones too! 

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1) Floss

Book: Candyfloss

An incredibly cute name, 'Floss' is a variation of the name "Florence" of Latin origin meaning "flourishing, prosperous".
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2) Tina

Book: The Butterfly Club

This name is lovely on its own, and means "river" but it's often used as the nickname for the classic name "Christina".
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3) Dolphin

Book: The Illustrated Mum

If you want a quirky name then this would be perfect. Taking inspiration from the beautiful, aquatic animals "Dolphin" is certainly a unique name. 
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4) Mona

Book: Dancing the Charleston

Meaning "noble god" Mona is simple yet a lovely name for a little baby girl. Also inspired from the famous 'Mona Lisa' painting. 
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5) Violet

Book: Midnight

If you love the colour purple then "Violet" might just be the ideal name. This name also takes inspiration from the beautiful flowers. 
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6) Verity

Book: The Cat Mummy

This pure baby girls name is Latin for "truth" and while it sounds a little unique, it is a traditional French name. 
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7) Jodie

Book: My Sister Jodie

The traditional spelling of this name is "Jody" which comes form the name "Joan" meaning "God is gracious". 
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8) Lily

Book: Lily Alone

A floral name and perfectly feminine for any litle girl. The flower represents "purity" and "innocence".
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9) Opal

Book: Opal Plumstead

Following other jewel inspired names, 'Opal' is a gem (literally). The ancient Greeks believed that opals were formed from the tears of Zeus and believe they are a symbol of "hope" and "good fortune". 
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10) Sunset

Book: Little Darlings

Sunsets are beautiful and breathtaking, so why not name your baby girl after a natural wonder? The name can be shortend to "Sunny" for a cute nickname. 
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11) Tilly

Book: Rent a Bridesmaid 

This gorgeous little girls name has a strong meaning, "battle-mighty". It's a lovely name that also sounds classic. 
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12) Hetty

Book: Hetty Feather

This French inspired name means "keeper of the hearth". The name is incredibly cute on its own, but it can be a variation of the names Esther, Harriet, Hattie and Hester. 
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13) Ruby

Book: Double Act

This wild character has a beautiful name meaning "precious stone". It's the birthstone of the month July and definitely outshines a lot of vintage names.
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14) Treasure

Book: Secrets

This name means "highly valued possession" which of course your baby girl will be your greatest treasure. It's a unique and beautiful name.
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15) Ella

Book: The Longest Whale Song

A simple, beautiful name meaning "beautiful fair woman". This incredibly popular name is just timeless.
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16) India

Book: Secrets

This name is one of the loveliest place-names for a little girl. With its exotic sound, it's a much loved baby name.
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17) Dinah

Book: The Dinosaurs Packed Lunch

This name can also be spelt "Dina" and means "judged" in Hebrew. It's not a fairly common name, so if you're looking for a unique name that sounds elegant, then this would be perfect for your little girl. 
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18) Elsie

Book: Queenie

How cute is this name? Adorable for any little girl, Elsie the Scottish origin means "pledged to God". 
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19) Alice

Book: Best Friends 

A strong and sweet name which German origin means "noble". It's also a traditional name that also sounds dainty. 
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20) Gemma

Book: Best Friends 

Meaning "precious stone" Gemma is a jewel of a name. 
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21) Garnet

Book: Double Act

This unique name has the French meaning "pomegranate" and is sweet for a baby girl. 
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22) Katy

Book: Katy

This name means "pure" and can also be spelled "Katie", but this different spelling will make more of a stand on the class registers. 
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23) Natalie

Book: The Monster Story-Teller

This popular little girls name's French meaning is "birthday of the Lord" and can also be shortened to "Nat" for a cute nickname. 
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24) Ellie

Book: Girls in Love

Often short for "Eleanor" this name means "bright shining one" and is incredibly cute. 
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25) Andy

Book: The Suitcase Kid

With the meaning "brave" people might say it's daring to choose this name for a little girl as it's commonly known as a boys name, but we think it also sounds gorgeous for a little girl. 
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26) Clover

Book: Clover Moon

A lucky name that is inspired by the flower. It's a charming choice if you want a nature inspired name but don' want to go for the popular ones such as "Lily" or "Rose". 
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27) Marty

Book: The Worst Thing about My Sister 

Marty is commonly known as a boys name, but we think it would be adorable for a little girl. It can also be spelt "Marti" and can be a nickname for "Martha". 
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28) Destiny

Book: Little Darlings

Meaning "fate" this name could be your baby girls destiny (excuse the pun). 
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29) Tracy

Book: Tracy Beaker

We all know this popular character just as much as we know the name. It can also be spelt 'Tracey' and is often the nickname of "Theresa".
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30) Lola

Book: Lola Rose

Lola is a simple name but also sounds unique, and very cute for a little girl. 

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