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Katie Hopkins Offends Again: ‘Hannah Is The Perfect Name For A Dyslexic’

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Does Katie Hopkins wake up and decide to be mean? Because this time, says writer Hannah Fox, it just got personal

She’s been known to have very strong opinions on names, so Katie Hopkins’ latest tweet shouldn’t come as a massive surprise.

She is, after all, probably just trying to get a reaction from people, but why she needs to do it is beyond me (and most people).

The outspoken former Apprentice star, who has a history of issues with what people call their children, tweeted: ‘Hannah – the perfect name for a dyslexic.’

Whether or not she’s trying to insult people called Hannah or people with dyslexia (probably both) isn’t clear, but it’s equally offensive.

Firstly, the idea that people with a particular name are more likely to have a learning disability is narrow-minded and judgemental. Just to clarify Katie, my name is Hannah and I am not a dyslexic, so you got that wrong.


But mainly because she is trying to define someone by their dyslexia. Speaking as someone who’s mother is a dyslexic but who also had a thriving medical career, it’s not a condition that has any bearings on your intelligence or your abilities. Today, children with dyslexia receive a range of support and help, meaning they can just as easily get by as anyone else.

"Whether or not she’s trying to insult people called Hannah or people with dyslexia (probably both) isn’t clear, but it’s equally offensive."

Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, scientist Albert Einstein and entrepreneur Richard Branson, all had or have dyslexia and they clearly suffered no barriers to success.

Last year, Katie went on This Morning to claim that she judges children based on their names, saying she’d never let her children play with someone called Chardonnay or Tyler.


So, if Katie wants to make judgements on my name or on being a dyslexic, then so be it. But if being called Hannah means getting even a slither of the success and happiness of famous dyslexics Whoopi Goldberg, Agatha Christie, Steven Spielberg and Ruby Wax, then I’d be happy to be called either.

What do you think of Katie’s latest outburst? Let us know in the comment box below.


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