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Katie Price Has A Front Runner For A Baby Name. But What’s Her Inspiration?

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The model is expecting a little girl in a few weeks and has said she may want to carry on her name by giving it to her baby

Katie Price has previously chosen baby names that definitely verge on the unique side – Junior, Princess Tiaamii and Jett.

But it seems the model will pick something that’s closer to home when she gives birth to her fifth child in a few weeks. She’s thinking of naming her baby – a girl – after the name that’s on her birth certificate, which isn’t actually Katie.

Speaking on her FUBAR radio show, Katie said, ‘My real name on my birth certificate is Katrina Amy Alexandra Alexis Infield. I don't know why my mum called me that!

‘I might name this baby Katrina to follow on my name though.’

Katie was then asked why she was never called Kat as a child: ‘I never thought about being called Kat,’ she admitted.

She’s also chatted about her baby shower, which she’s having this weekend.

‘I'm trying to get hold of pregnancy suits so the men can wear them,’ she admitted.

‘I want them to do tasks and games while wearing them – they have to be in it the whole time. Going to the toilet, helping with the bbq. It's important for them to know how the pregnant mum feels.’

We like your thinking Katie – if only men could experience labour pain, too…

Did you give your baby any of your own names? Let us know in the comment box below.


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