20 Korean girl names for your baby

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Whether you or your partner are of Korean descent or you simply love the culture and values of Korea which include family and hard work, you may be considering a Korean girl name for your baby. And with such pretty and unique options, we wouldn't blame you!

So if you're pregnant with a little girl or still waiting to find out, take a look at our top 20 Korean girl names for your upcoming arrival.

Our favourite Korean girl names

  1. Ae-Cha - A name which translates as 'loving daughter'.

  2. Byeol - A gorgeous name which means ‘star’.

  3. Chun Hei - This name means ‘grace’ and ‘justice’.

  4. Chung Cha - This name rolls off the tongue and translates as ‘noble daughter’.

  5. Eun-Kyung - We've no doubt your baby is your ‘gracious gem’, just like the meaning of this name.

  6. Ga Eun - This name conveys ‘kind and beautiful’.

  7. Goo - Short but sweet, we adore that this name means 'complete' or 'someone who completes you'.

  8. Hwa Young - The two-element name means ‘beautiful flower’.

  9. Ho-Sook - If you love your nature, what about this name which means 'a clear lake'?

  10. Hye - The short name means ‘intelligent woman’.

  11. Ha Rin - Ha means Summer, Great, or Talented, Rin means Female unicorn.

  12. Jin Ae - This two-element name means ‘truth, treasure and love’.

  13. Joon - This name means ‘talented’. What will your child's talent be?

  14. Ki Ki - A short, fun name that means ‘one who has risen’.

  15. Kwan - This single element name means ‘strong girl’.

  16. Mi Sun - We've no doubt your little girl will be full of beauty and goodness, which matches this name.

  17. Myung-Ok - Such a sweet meaning for this name - 'a bright pearl.'

  18. Sook - We love the sound of this name which means 'she of pure nature.'

  19. Yon - This short name means ‘Lotus blossoming’.

  20. Yong - This popular Korean baby girl name means ‘the perpetual and brave one’.

Choosing a baby name is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make as a parent, so spend some time looking through our lists of inspiration and start making a shortlist of your favourites.

Browse our continually-updated list of baby names for the perfect inspiration. Filter by gender or unisex, or if you don't yet know the gender of your baby, why not try our Chinese gender predictor tool? See if this ancient method can predict your baby's gender!

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