The most popular girl’s name in the world has been revealed

by Jane McGuire |

Choosing a name for your your new arrival can be tricky, but if you want to play it safe and follow suit with the majority of parents across the globe then this pretty moniker is for you.

It’s been one of the most popular baby girl names in the UK for a while, but this super cute name has now been revealed to be the most popular name in the world!

So which name has enchanted the hearts of parents everywhere? The answer is Sophia (or Sofia, depending on how you choose to spell it)!

Yes, Sophia is officially the most popular girl's name IN THE WORLD!

The moniker is the most popular girl's name in eight countries - Mexico, Russia, Argentina, Italy, Switzerland, Estonia, Chile and Slovakia - and is the second or third most popular in a further 20!

Sophia is originally a Greek baby name meaning ‘wisdom’, so with this choice you’ll be setting your little one up for big things with this adorable baby name.

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A name that means 'born on Friday', this unusal name is actually of African origin. The perfect name for your baby born on the last day of the working week!

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