Muslim and Islamic girls names with meanings

Muslim baby girl names

by Georgia Aspinall |

Choosing a name with religious meaning opens up a world of heartfelt options. Whether you want your baby to have a traditional honourable name or a more unique Islamic name, we have the perfect modern Muslim baby girl names for you.

  1. Daisha - This super feminine name is Arabic in origin and means alive. It peaked in popularity in 1995, which means if you want to bring this name back to life, your baby will sure have a distinctive one.

  2. Taliha - This modern Muslim baby girl name means one who seeks knowledge. Your baby is bound to be as curious as she is cute with this name.

  3. Sahara - We love this beautiful feminine name. Meaning desert, after the glorious and vast Sahara Desert, it is a popular Arabic surname but increasingly a striking first name. It can also be spelled Zahara, to add an extra zesty flare.

  4. Zainab - This traditional Muslim baby girl name means daughter of the prophet. It was the name of two wives of the Prophet Muhammed, explaining why it’s so popular. This variation on Zaynab is a more unique spelling, to give the old classic a modern twist.

  5. Aaisha - Meaning lively and prosperous, Aaisha was the name of the third wife of the prophet Muhammed, making it a very popular name.

  6. Huda - Increasing in popularity due to online beauty sensation Huda Kattan, this name means guidance to the right path. This striking name is both beautiful and distinctive.

  7. Jaide - This gender-neutral name means precious stone. The alternative form, Jade, is a popular English name making Jaide a distinctive take on an English classic.

  8. Badia - We love this beautiful and elegant name. Not only is it unique itself, it also means unique - a perfect fit for your baby girl.

  9. Aaliyah - This once obscure name gained popularity in the 90’s thanks to late R&B legend Aaliyah. It means exalted, or of highest social standing.

  10. Fareeda - Meaning a precious pearl or gem, this feminine name is one of a kind. We love the unique definition and spelling.

  11. Lila - We are obsessed with this adorable name. Not only is it super cute for a baby, but it’s beautiful for when your daughter grows up. It is originally Arabic and means born at night.

  12. Qadira - This feminine yet powerful name means exactly that: powerful and capable. It started to increase in popularity in 2012 and four years on it is still rising. The lucky number associated with Qadira is also four… coincidence? We think not!

  13. Omaira - If you’re looking for a truly unique name, Omaira is the one for you. Meaning red, it is rare yet beautiful- just like your baby girl.

  14. Rima - This old-style name is famous for being the name of fictional heroine Rima the Jungle Girl in novel Green Mansions: A Romance of the Tropical Forest. Played by Audrey Hepburn in the film adaption, it increased in popularity in the 1960’s and remains an old classic.

  15. Maleeka - If you want a daughter who can rule the world, this name is the perfect fit for Queens in the making. Meaning Queen, it is both unusual and charming.

  16. Zahirah - Unique Muslim name meaning luminous, this beautiful name is super feminine and unique. Spell it with the extra ‘h’ for a splash more distinction from Zahira.

  17. Salimah - Give yourself a good omen for restful nights by naming your baby Salimah, which means peace. Also defined as flawless and safe, this name means everything you could want your baby to be.

  18. Nylah - This unusual name can be spelled in various ways including Nila or Nyla. Meaning champion, we love the ode to an ancient Egyptian Princess.

  19. Aziza - We are infatuated with this strong and one-of-a-kind name. Meaning powerful and beloved, your baby girl will grow up strong and secure with this bold, beautiful name.

  20. Capella - This rare name has great mythological and astrological significance. It is the name of the eleventh brightest star in the sky and symbolizes wealth and honour. If you have musical hopes for your new-born, Capella is also an ode to a cappella singing.

  21. Yasmin - Another classic Muslim name, Yasmin means jasmine flower and has spread in popularity globally. We love invoking inspiration from flowers and scents for baby names.

  22. Hadiya - An exciting twist on Hadia, Hadiya has a touching meaning for a new-born: gift. Spelt Hadiyah, it can also mean guide to righteousness. Either way, your baby’s name has a beautiful, heartfelt meaning.

  23. Yanha - Arabic girl name, meaning ‘dove-like’.

If none of these have made it to your list, why not try our baby name generator for more inspiration?

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