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Old-Fashioned Classic Or Modern Favourite? How To Choose The Right Baby Name

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Old-Fashioned Classic Or Modern Favourite? How To Choose The Right Baby Name

Whether your baby is yet to put in an appearance or you just can’t find something that feels right, we have everything you need to select the perfect moniker with our ebook

Of all the milestones you encounter when planning a baby, choosing a name is one of the most important. It’s hard enough finding something you’re convinced you – and your baby – will love for a lifetime, let alone getting your other half to agree to it, too.

Then there are all the other things to consider – will it work with your surname? When they’re 40? Is it different enough to stand out, but ‘normal’ enough not to cause your little one grief? All impossible questions when your baby isn’t even here yet.

But there’s plenty of forward planning you can do. That’s why we put together an extended ebook edition of our invaluable Baby Name Book. From eternal classics to ‘we dare you!’ picks, this  easy-to-use guide (with 500 new names added) features 1301 names and their meanings to help you choose one that will last forever.

And that’s not all – you’ll also find celebrity inspiration, plus advice on avoiding the trend traps and common mistakes of the baby name game. Be inspired by boys’ names listed from A-Z, girls’ names listed from A-Z, the top 12 rules for choosing a name, top 10 name lists, historical and modern meanings and much more, all at your fingertips.

Available for iPad and iPhone, you can download your Mother&Baby Baby Names Book ebook here, priced £1.49


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